Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 172- Exhaustion and Farmers Markets

Sorry if I've been running a bit late the last couple days, work comes first, and I haven't been getting to sleep until almost 3 most mornings. I'm more than a little behind on my sleep.

So, today is Thursday. I just found out Monday that there's a Farmers Market here in the (rather small, poor, rural) part of "Charleston" I'm in.

Now, the Charleston area has two big, fancy, expensive-type markets (one right in the middle of downtown, one in a purpose built square in an expensive suburb), and bunches of farm stands and smaller markets for more budget conscious veggie buyers. I just thought they were all at the other end of town. Turns out, though, that about two miles from my house (same distance as the grocery store, really) there's a Thursday market. I guess it's been going on all summer and everything. It doesn't go year-round or well into winter like the fancy ones, but it's still something I'll probably have to check out at least a couple times before it ends in late September.

Of course, I could be totally wrong, and even though this is an area with a lot of recent and questionably legal immigrants the market will be totally overpriced. Somehow I'm thinking not so much, though.


I finished the fried rice. Getting through it in less than two days really keeps from dragging out the "I don't wanna eat that anymore"-s. Dunno what I'll be eating today, though. thought about making something else at some point yesterday, but was too busy with that "work" thing. Don't know how much time I'll be able to carve out today, either. It's probably going to turn into one of those "oatmeal" kinda days.


Speaking of work- writing for a penny a word really rather sucks. Not just because the topics aren't that interesting, but because to make enough money to pay the bills I have to write *so many* of them. Plus, after 4 or 5 articles about why people should do something I'm totally opposed to (money-wise) I just feel dirty. Starting tomorrow I'll be working on writing for a site that pays better, but has scary-high standards. I'll still be doing the penny-a-word work, 'cause I like to live inside and stuff, but if I can find a way to make more than $7 an hour without killing what's left of my wrists, I'm all for that.

One good thing about this "all work, all the time" schedule I'm running this week- no time to spend money. I have to eat what's in the house.

Oh, and I know what I'm doing at the halfway point. I'm getting my thoughts together (as much as they ever are) and I'll get an update for you, with a plan and everything, for tomorrow.

Until then, back to work with me.


  1. What kind of site is it? I'm a stay at home Mom who's been looking at that kind of stuff but has never taken the plunge as to getting into writing at home for a profit (blogging, articles, etc). Lately it's been biding my time play WoW, and puttering.

  2. The site is

    Internet marketers list the keywords they want people to write about, how many words they're willing to pay for, and some other stuff. There's a post about it on with about 800 comments that's really informative. It's not the best money, but it's (getting) fast and the writing's boring but not that difficult. Plus, it gives me ideas for articles to write and sell elsewhere for more money.

    Really, though, you should try it. they pay out after $10. Oh, and it's only open to people who can legally work in the US. I think they have another site based in Germany for European sites, but....

    But yeah, they're really helpful, very picky about commas, and speedy with the payment- they charge the clients before they list the work, so they can't stiff you.

  3. Sweet, thank you for the info. Going to check it out now ;)