Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 173- Strange Food and Visiting Bear

I get to spend the weekend with Bear again. He's panting right next to me and sniffing my elbow now. He thinks it's time for more Biljac treats. Or maybe breakfast, he's not sure.

Yesterday ended up kinda strange for food. I did end up eating oatmeal. It was... oatmeal-y.

I also learned that you *can* turn rolled oats into oat flour. I don't know how I'm going to use it yet, though. I've got about two cups (well, it *was* two cups...) in the fridge at home. If/ when I make flour from oatmeal again I'll have to remember not to try to do 2 cups at the same time. I got the blender stick-thing about halfway into the oats and it wouldn't go any further down into the cup. But I have some *really* finely ground oat flour now. And some not-so-fine stuff too. The oats themselves got really hot at one point, which is probably a good sign that I was doing something wrong, but I'm not really a sign-follower.

Later on, like 7pm, I decided that I wanted some black beans. And maybe rice.

This story goes downhill from here.

So... the crock pot is... kinda scary at the moment. I need to bleach it, I think. So rather than cook the black beans in the crock pot (which I *know* works) I decided to cook them in the rice cooker. Which kinda works. And then, rather than drain the beans, toss out the water, rinse the pot out and cook rice, I just tossed rice, spices, some tomato sauce stuff, and a bit of extra water into the beans. With the bean cooking water. That was used to cook black beans.

So it really didn't look very good when it was done cooking. And of course, the beans didn't cook quite all the way. And I didn't use anywhere near enough tomato sauce to make it taste really good. But it was mostly eat-able, and if I were starving I probably would have managed to choke it all down with some hot sauce or ketchup or something.

Oh, and I made fries with the second sweet potato. I even really fried them. Not bad, actually. Crispy on the outside, soft inside, and the potato wasn't stringy so the fries weren't either. With salt and stuff it wasn't bad. You just peel the potato, cut it into fry shapes, toss them into hot oil, and stir them around until they're browned on all sides or start to burn, which ever comes first. Om nom nom.

Ok, Bear says it's *really* breakfast time now.

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