Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 223- A Purchase

I know I said I was going to try not to buy anything until next Saturday. Thinking about the last four rolls, though, it didn't seem worth it to mix up red sauce to dip them in. It was only 4 rolls, after all. So I talked myself into a trip to the store.

My local Publix carries both designed to be vegan Earth Balance and apparently accidentally vegan Smart Balance light. The Smart Balance is about 40 cents cheaper for the same size tub (and last week was on sale for half price, drat). It's light, though, which means fewer calories. It also tastes more like margarine, and has a kinda chemically flavor.

So for $3.56 (including 7 cents tax) I got the Earth Balance. Which was super yummy and full of calories on the rolls. I bet it'll be even better next time I make pancakes. Haven't made those in a while because they're foul dry and I didn't have anything to put on them.

Food-wise, yesterday was pretty dull. The buttered rolls, some soda...

Oh, yeah, and another batch of fried rice. With yellow squash this time, and I forgot the peas. Oops. Remembered the TVP, though, so at least there's *some* protein.

For those meat-eating types out there who might make fried rice sometime, you don't have to use TVP (or peas, I guess), but can probably use just about any pre-cooked chopped up meat. Not sure how tuna would work, but I hear bologna isn't any worse than usual.

So, anyway, fried rice. Better than nothing, I guess. And faster than pizza.

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