Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 224- I Went Out Last Night

Now, I live at what is, realistically, pretty much the ass end of town. Sane people who live where I do don't trek all the way to downtown Charleston to go out, they stay closer to home. Like 15 miles closer.

But all the people I know go downtown (or live/ work there already) so that's where I go.

It's not a budget friendly activity, but it does wonders for my brain.

So after napping/ sleeping pretty much all of Sunday day, dreaming about rain and hurricanes, and beer, I drove downtown and had a beer, in the rain. No swirly weather patterns, though...

First beer in quite some time. I think I might have had one back in March... maybe June? After the bar closed a friend and I wandered to Denny's where she had some soda and I was bad and ordered some foul thing made of cheese. I'll probably be sick in a while.

Why does vegan food not taste like that? Is it the lack of fat? It's terrible to say, but solidified body fluids from sad animals taste good. Really, really good. And then they make me feel bad. Really, really bad.

Right, anyway... I'm taking the money for this out of a mythical "entertainment and mental health" budget. Sometimes j's just need social time. Or to get out of the house. Or something.

It's cheaper than joining a club, anyway.

Otherwise, I ate left over fried rice. I've been pouring the sweet chili sauce over it (om nom nom, me heart chili sauce...) and I've used something like 1/3rd of the bottle. I can't afford to replace it each month, so I'm going to have to go back to the "make a puddle and dip the fork" method.

I tell you, though... If my mouth/ stomach would let me? I'd drink that stuff through a straw. ZOMG it's good.


  1. What is the name of the sweet chili sauce again? I'll have to jot it down.

  2. Mae Ploy. They sell it at walmart, world market, some grocery stores... well, and Asian markets, of course.

  3. I think the fat is what makes dairy awesome. I like to drink a big glass of bovine juice every now and then, the skim is disgusting.

    Love me some fat.

  4. I suspect you're right about the fat. I used to loooove duck, which is also all about the fat.

    I think I might need to start slipping more avocados into my diet- may cut back on the cheese cravings a bit. mmm, avocado.

  5. I adore duck but who can afford it?

    Avocado fat is great. So is nut butter fat.