Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 225- Bread, Fried Rice, and the Return of the Parasites

So I finished the fried rice. I don't think I'll be making any more for a while. Then I cooked up a batch of tasty pizza-dough bread rolls.

I think I did something wrong with them, though, because they turned out more like bagels in taste and texture. It was odd. I didn't boil them, either, tho I did coat them pretty well in oil/ salt/ herb/ onion stuff. Maybe the oil made them change? Never has before, but there's always a first time for everything.

Or something like that.

So anyway, I covered them in bits of chopped onion. The oniony bits on the bottom cooked to a tasty dark brown, salty crisp. The bits on the top got soft and yum. the sides browned a bit, and crisped a bit, and softened and saltied a lot.

So very yum.

Then I scooped them through the EB I bought at the store and they were soooo good.

In other news, I'm once again finding bedbug bites. I don't know where they're coming from, unless they're making it onto the bed somehow... The bedding touched ground once for maybe a minute. I baked it since then, though. I guess I'll have to bake it again.

I suppose it's also possible that they're infesting my closet, too, and have gotten into my clean, double bagged clothes. I think I might have to invest in some of those super ziplock baggies, and try double bagging my clean stuff in those. Seems kinda crazy, but it's gotta be better than finding little blood sucking nasties all over the place. And I think at this point anything's better than finding the bites from the little bastards all over my me.One bit a nice line, right across my spine, just above bra strap level.

Do you have any idea how flexible you have to be to scratch that effectively? My poor shoulder's mad at me again over it.

Santa needs to bring me a powerball jackpot winning ticket for September the 29th-mas so I can burn everything I own and kill this bug problem once and for all.

I know I try to be all peace and love, and non-harmy. Dude, though, seriously? Parasites don't count. If I want to be a host I'll invite people over for dinner, not let some bugs or whatnot munch their way through my skin and suck my tasty self.

My blood is for (non-existent) hot vampy guys and me. I'm just picky that way.

Why, oh why did it have to be the house across the street that burnt down. Why couldn't it be this one?

ps- the Mae Ploy Sweet Chili Sauce for an example of the packaging. It's insanely spendy on amazon, though- try to source it locally, it's much cheaper. Oh, yeah, that's an affiliate link.


  1. Buy some DE (Diotimacious Earth) and it will kill your bedbugs dead. It takes about a month of having DE on everything (it is a powder that you have to sprinkle everywhere) but they will completely die off. It costs about $8 a gallon too so it isn't crazy expensive.

  2. Already did that, still have bedbugs. And it does nasty stuff to my breathing, too.

  3. I just came up to your blog today, and your blog piqued my interest. I would love to see you complete your 365 year quest. You have to be really resourceful to get through with this. Goodluck on this endeavor.


    Linda Casey
    Building Credit for Students

  4. As far as bedbugs... I've had them about twice so far (and I think they're visiting a third time already), and the only thing that seems to have worked is fumigation. I've done steaming hot-washing of EVERY washable item, removed all books, everything, vaccumed, steam cleaned the carpets and nothing seemed to work.

    I finally gave up and bought regular canned fumigators (the cans are no larger than a beer bottle, to put it in perspective) and that got rid of all of them. The type I got wasn't specifically for bed bugs--just regular/standard fumigator. I open the can and spray around the room and corners (leave the can in the middle of the room while it finishes it's thing), close my door/windows and go to work. Ideally it should stay confined for about 4-6 hours. Then open windows for the last 2hrs before re-entering, and put up fans to help circulate the air. You should be back to no bugs (of ANY kind). They arent too expensive either, and definitely worth it.

  5. Unfortunately they bug-bombed the living daylights out of this place before we moved in, and again the next week. I've got super bedbugs. Pretty sure at this point that they're in the walls and ceiling.

    Also, not sure how effective bombing just one room would be, and the rm's are never out long enough to do the whole house. I *still* vote for just burning the place down. I'll think about/ try the fumigating thing next time I spend a weekend somewhere else, though.

    Interestingly enough, killing off bedbugs is the *landlord's* job. If I had $$ and someplace to go, I could break the lease with no loss. Drat that budget thing.

  6. I won't even suggest talking to your landlord about that issue, since you either might've, or it would do no good.

    Bombing one room was perfect for me, since it was only my room (lucky me!!) that appeared to be affected. Or at least I was the one complaining the most. And you're right, it didnt last forever, but a few months (about 5-6) of restful sleep was well worth it. They could've bombed the place before you moved in, but if the windows or whatever point of entry these bugs are using isnt completely covered or resolved, it's really like nothing happened. But I feel for you.

    Don't think burning down the house would be quite as legal...

  7. No, but so much more fun...

    I'll definitely try bombing my room next time I'm going to be away a while. It doesn't need to last forever, just until the end of January.