Monday, November 29, 2010

OBD 28- Thanksgiving Weekend

Hopefully all you US-types survived.

I did too. Of course, the closest I got to thanksgiving dinner was a bag of beets and some wine, but meh. Sometimes you've gotta work with what you've got. And with what you want.

My last Thanksgiving weekend day was super lazy, super junky, and probably is going to toss me right back into a nasty cold.

You see, I went to the store. Craving mac and cheese, I went to the store and picked up 4 boxes. When these 4 are gone I'm probably never eating it again, but I wanted those 4 boxes.

I also walked along the back aisle, thinking about soy milk. Then I saw the coffee cake. You know, the Entenmann's one? For $6? Said to myself "I could totally make that for less," and went looking for margarine.

Decided the margarine was too expensive, so wandered in the direction of the veggies (still need *another* zucchini, they're soooo good), and was stopped, suddenly, by the *other* donut display. A box of donut holes made it's way home with me.

They weren't as good as I expected. the flavor wasn't as good, the texture was far too cake-y, and I just didn't really enjoy them. I ate them all anyway, but it wasn't as good as I was hoping for.

About 6 hours later, I made two boxes of mac and cheese, and stuffed my face with them. Like, above and beyond the call of hunger. To the point that my stomach stuck out like a pregnant ladies, all rigid and stuffed.

Turns out my abdomen is *not quite* large enough to hold a whole two boxes of mac and cheese, however small that may look while it's cooking.


Don't worry, tho- I fixed the day with about 2 oz out of my bottle of magic $6 wine. Just a little wine, and I wrote some stuff for NaNoWriMo. Still never going to catch up, but maybe, just perhaps, I'll have a first draft and sturdy outline done in time for the first chapter deal over at Harlequin. Hey, girl can dream, right?

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