Sunday, November 28, 2010

OBD 27- Pasta and Junk

I don't actually remember what I ate yesterday. I know i ate- I remember doing it. I just don't remember exactly what.

I know there was pasta with caramelized onions and cheese. I'm pretty sure there was a bag of chips too.

Other than that?

Not a clue.

I feel like I've been eating nothing but junk for the last month. I'm sure it's not totally true, but it sure feels that way right now. I have vegetables, but I haven't been eating them. I have beans, some of them already cooked, but again, not eating them.

It's like I'm trying to live off mac and cheese, or something. Not good for me, and not all that tasty, either.

What I need to do is make up some more beans, and some tortillas, and cook some more of those tasty veggies I have, and nom myself some homemade burritos. Or get that can of enchilada sauce I've been talking about and make some black bean enchiladas. Or even just blenderize the beans I've already cooked and scoop them up with tortilla chips.

I didn't think I'd ever say it, but I'm kinda sick of junk food. I'll probably still eat it, 'cause I'm lazy, but I'm kinda over it. Yep.

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