Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 293- Wheat Avoidance FAIL

I was doing so well, right up until I walked into the store.

I got the smart balance light (vegan, nasty tasting, on sale for $1.50...), 2 for 1 pasta, and potatoes that were on my list, but also managed to pick up a bag of chips and a pack of cookies (both also 2 for 1, so not that bad...)

I'm thinking the whole "avoid wheat" thing is doomed to fail. Since I just picked up 4 pounds of pasta, and all.

Yesterday would have been ok, though, if I'd just skipped the cookies. Normally skipping cookies is easy. I don't crave sweets, I crave salty savouries. Yesterday? All about the cookies. I *really* wanted shortbread cookies. Not on sale, of course, so I went with something that was.

I read online that my new, not-non-eating meds turn people into raving carb-o-holics. It might just be true. I *never* crave sugary stuff, but I could totally go for a big plate of cookies right about now.

Oh, yeah, I also got chickpeas. I really like them, and they weren't much more than $1 a pound, so I picked up the last bag they had. With the potatoes, curry powder, and onion (oops, almost out, need a couple more..) I'm just about set for a week of tasty Indian inspired food.

Actually, I think I'll go today and pick up those onions, a bag of peas, some rice, and another couple tins of tomato paste. If I have curry in the fridge, ready to heat and eat, that should totally distract me from cookies.


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