Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 309- A Lot Of Nuts

Before I get into the nuts, I just want to say- Smoking around kids and strangers isn't cool, but other factors *do* apply here. My father's mom had COPD (from smoking) which means I was more likely to develop problems. But science and inheritance are big things, and you don't always know what you're going to get. I got a greater chance of breathing problems, my sister got a very sturdy skeletal system. I'd rather have the goofy lungs.

On To The Nuts.

So, While kinda out of my head with attempting-to-develop pneumonia, I decided that I really wanted roasted, candied nuts. You know, like you get at a ren fair. It's a christmassy thing to do, right? I mean, nuts, cinnamon, heat. That's festive, right?

So I tried it. I used some of the walnuts one of you super cool people sent to me, and got creative. I used:

  • Walnut halves and pieces, no shell
  • "butter" about 1/4C (really two scoops from the bucket)
  • Sugar- 5 heaping tablespoons
  • Vanilla- 1 tsp, maybe?
  • cinnamon- 1/2 tsp, I think
  • salt- just a dash
Just chuck it all in a pan or wok, over low heat, melt the "butter", stir all the time, when the nuts are nicely coated and the sugar is nice and melted, and they taste and smell yummy, you're done. Toss them in dry cinnamon sugar and store them in the fridge if you're not going to eat them right away. Takes maybe 10 minutes.

Seriously, that's it. Just melt and mix. You have to make sure you fill the pan with water after you're done, or the sugar dries to cement-like toughness, but otherwise, magic. You can do it with other nuts too, like whole shelled almonds or pecans. I bet you could even add a bit of booze to the mix. Or, you know, you can buy them already made here-

I had those, ginger tea, and benadryl yesterday. It was a pretty decent day, actually. Today I get to bake cookies (I think). I'll bring Bear tails back tomorrow, and maybe some photos, too.

And, did I mention how much I love my Mommy?

'Cause I do.


  1. I hope your Mom wasn't offended by the smoking thing from yesterday. I give you a lot of credit for writing that, especially since you live in the South where tobacco is like a religion. I, too, can't stand to be around smoke ANYWHERE! I realize it's an addiction (apparently mine is food) but people who smoke can't smell it and just don't realize or care how it affects others. We have great laws here in MD where I live and even though this state sucks in other ways, our No Smoking laws are great. I'm waiting for those Bear pics. Have fun with the cookies. I need to get inspired to make some.

  2. The camera is working well enough to pull Bear pics, but not well enough yet to take them. So maybe, maybe tomorrow with pics.

    Mom is... not happy, I suspect, though I don't think she's actually read it yet. I'm sure I'll hear about it when she does.

    I loved going out in Laramie once they passed the smoking ban. Everyone swore before it that they'd just go to the next town to drink, but then they realised it was 45 miles away, and had fun in smoke-free bars and restaurants, and jobs.