Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 326- About 5 Weeks Left

I'm not the best time keeper. Not the best record keeper, either. I'd rather eat the food than count the pennies going into it. While I'm pretty sure the last couple weeks have been solidly in-budget ('cause I didn't have money to spend on much junk food) I can't prove it. Two dollars here and three dollars there add up quickly to $7 a week.

I'm moving from the slum-hole, rat shack, bedbug infested house of crappiness (+3) at the end of January, and I'm not quite sure where I'll end up yet. I have to figure out what I'm eating next year, too- probably by the middle of either this month or February. It'll most likely be either trail food- oatmeal and tortillas and tvp and mac and cheese- or it'll be street food- tacos and quesadillas and fruit. Right now it's looking like trail food. Maybe, though, I'll be crazy and stay put. I doubt it, though.

In the mean time I need to eat through the small stockpile I seem to have built up. I've got lentils and sugar and spices. black beans and vinegar and flour. Rice and oil and who knows what else. Oh, and oatmeal, still, from when I bought it way back last February or March. Craziness. You'd think I'd have managed to finish the stuff by now, but nope, still there. Not much left, but still some.

I think it's reproducing in the dark, in the barrel.

Anyway, whatever I end up doing next year, I'm going to try to hit all the fun stuff this last month. Making bread, stuffed pastas, muffins, cookies, cupcakes (maybe), tacos, veggie burritos, enchiladas. And some gnocchi, roast veggies, and "cream of" soup. Hopefully. 'Cause January, February, and March are good months to have cheap, warm recipes. Even if you *do* add chicken to them.

Ok, have to do laundry and get some work done so I get something done before lunch with Dad.

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