Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 327- Lunch In The City

Hummus Sandwich at Alluette's Cafe
Yesterday I met Dad for lunch at Alluette's Cafe. They are just about the only place in Charleston (that doesn't serve fast food) that'll welcome vegans, veggies, and omni's with options for each.

This is actually my lunch - hummus sammich with slaw and a side of huge hand-cut, kinda battered fries. There were maybe a few too many grated carrots on it for me, but still, it was super yummy. I don't think the slaw was made with mayo, though it's been a while since I've had "normal" mayo, so I may be wrong. The sammich was super yummy, though, on sprouted bread. I'm pretty sure it's all local and organic, though without chasing down their producers and following the food from seed to table, who knows.
Hand-cut Organic Local Fries

Anyway, the sammich was yummy, the fries were great, and if I ever find myself in the near-hood again around lunch time (with money) I'll probably drop by.

Of course, I'll make sure my brake lights both work, first, so that I don't get pulled over and almost hurl right after lunch. Which reminds me, my driver's side brake light is out. The nice officer told me so. No ticket, just a warning and a piece of paper saying there was "public contact". I guess so they can prove they weren't just off napping somewhere? I dunno.

Anyway, I was most of the way home before I stopped shaking. I swear, I could get pulled over and handed flowers and a million dollars and it'd still freak me out. There's something about being stopped by people with guns and tazers and the ability to stick you in little locked rooms that just really doesn't work for me.

Oh well, at least this time my mouth behaved. Mostly.

Photos courtesy my Dad and his magic Wonder Phone.

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  1. The public contact note is so that if you get stopped again, you can't get away with the 'I had no idea' response. They have a record that you've been notified.