Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 3, part 1

So I fell asleep yesterday before posting.

Yesterday I still didn't make it to the store, and am still stuck with only what I started with- cheater style. It's not the most exciting batch of choices, as I have it set up now. Actually, it's really dull. I have two real choices for meals- noodles with soy sauce/ oil/ whatever I scrounge from the fridge, and Pasta in Sauce. Which is what I had yesterday.


This is just rotini, jarred (barilla, I think) sauce, olive oil, salt, quarter of an onion, fresh garlic, two slices of veggie ham, and a couple splashes each water (to thin the sauce a bit) and balsamic vinegar (for flavour). Shown in a glass pie "tin". It's probably half my remaining pasta and sauce.

I also ate ice cream until it was half gone, and snacked on a couple jolly ranchers.

Which brings us to today. Roommate offered me a cinnamon bun, fresh from the oven, so I had that and the rest of my ice cream for "breakfast". Not healthy. I'll have to reciprocate at some point with the b-fast pastries, but I can totally do that.

I should (barring huge mistake) make it to the store today. I'm also reclaiming my crock pot, so I'll be able to cook tasty beans with little hands-on time required. Which is always win. I haven't been eating two real meals. I haven't really even been eating two fake meals. Part of it is that I'm lazy, part that right now my day doesn't have much to define it- no job, no car (working on both of those), means my day is pretty much mine. Once I have a job, it'll be easier to make sure I eat- something about the schedule makes putting food off less appealing. Plus, I know from experience that if I don't eat before work I buy junk food, and that's got less nutritional value than my diet soda habit (not included in this experiment, since I'm trying to cut down, but if I were forced to pick one or the other, right now soda wins every time).

So today I should be hitting some stores, getting some food, and stuff to cook it with/ change it around in interesting ways. And if my ride gets here early enough, I should even be able to get over to Earth Fare for some smaller stuff, small quantities of bulk stuff I don't/ won't use much, and some spices that are hard/ spendy to buy in normal stores. So stuff like Nutritional yeast, paprika, curry, corn meal for polenta, and good quality chili powder.

So that's my plan, we'll see if I stick with it. Off to make some more pasta, I think, for lunch....

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