Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 3, part 2

Finally made it to the store tonight, but not the one i wanted.

Food first, though. I ate the rest of the rotini pasta, and almost all the sauce, same as day 2. It was at least 2 huuuge servings, and i'm still full now- almost 10 hours later.

back to shopping. Earth Fare was closed- 20 minutes early, which was annoying. So, by then, was everything else except for the most expensive store in town. There are still bargains there, don't get me wrong, but when it's your only option you'll leave without a lot of stuff.


And that's everything on my list that wasn't wildly inflated. They wanted $5 for 5 pounds of conventional white rice. So no rice. And $1.25 and up for dried beans! are they nuts?

Some of the things I got- oil, popcorn- were more than i had figured on, but not by much. I could have come in under my estimate on popcorn of $1, but for less than 50 cents more it was worth it to get the 2 pound bag. I will almost definitely need to buy more oil during this, but I shouldn't have to get salt again for more than a year.

Tomorrow I'll walk to the local store and pick up a 60 billion pound (20lb) bag of rice. Hopefully they'll have some beans below my target price of $0.70 a pound. If not, I'll check the other store when I walk to the dollar store for spices and "stuff" later on.

But hey, I can make oatmeal now.

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