Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yesterday and a schedule

First, the promised crumb cake, recipe from vegan yum yum-

I admit, I didn't follow her recipe exactly. Changes I made include-
  • half oil, half EB for crumb, instead of 8T of (v. spendy) Earth Balance
  • about half the flour in the crumb, probably just use 3/4 C next time
  • no molasses, so I didn't use any.
  • Also no lemon or regular vinegar, so I didn't sour the "milk"
  • no corn starch, so I just added an extra T of flour and 1/4C water to the recipe.
  • no powdered sugar, so I didn't dust the top
  • Oh, and I used regular veggie oil (soy) rather than canola, 'cause I don't have any.
I still haven't made the cinnamon rolls. I'm working on them now, actually. Yesterday all I ate was the other half of the crumb cake, so that's all gone now, along with half my 5lb bag of flour. Oops.

On to the schedule part of things. I'm going to try something new, because posting as I eat isn't working, and makes for lots of randomly timed posts. Instead, I'm going to do what I'm doing today- post what I ate yesterday, with any pictures or recipes.

I'm going to try to have them posted by 7am Eastern time, but they'll be up by 9am no matter what. If I need to change this around (say I get a job that goes 7pm-7am) I'll warn in advance, and slide the times back a bit, but still most likely before noon. Hopefully this will keep me more focused and reliable, and help anyone out there in reader land know when to drop by.

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