Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 47- No April Fools

I thought about doing a "Yay, won lotto, bye people" post, but I'm a terrible liar. And I doubt even total strangers would believe that I ate steak or bacon... So no prank from me. Instead, some food.

The oatmeal of stickiness (+2)

For lunch (I seem to have missed breakfast somehow) I had bean tacos- pintos, small tortillas, slice of onion, some tomato, catsup, lime juice.

For dinner I decided to add some more veggies.
About 2 inches off my zucchini, sliced and quartered, the last of the red onion, and once clove of garlic, chopped.

Put together with beans, tortillas, tomato, lime juice, and catsup (I have no salsa)

And yes, I had 4 for dinner. They were yummy.

To make these better you could add
  • lettuce
  • fresh baby spinaches
  • misc. greens (not raw kale! that makes nothing better...)
  • more tomato
  • salsa
  • shredded left over chicken (if you're that kinda person)
  • more random veggies
  • seasoned rice
Basically, anything you might put on a taco. I mixed everything up in the wok before filling the shells, so it looks like dog food, but tastes good.

In other news, allergy season is off to a roaring start, so food, comments, and coherence may go down proportional to the amount of allergy medicine I have to take.


  1. That's the consistency I love my oatmeal. haha. My mom accidently didn't put enough liquid in mine once when I was kid and I've been ruined every since.
    The tacos look tasty.

  2. When I was in High School I worked at a taco shop and had bean tacos like that everyday. Aww, that picture brings back memories:)

  3. when I was taking the picture of the tacos, all i could think was, "these would be really great with some lettuce". oh well.

  4. Hi, I just found your blog like yesterday, after going back to check on someone else's dollar a day blog. I think that I've read maybe five of them before yours.
    I read all these blogs, and so far no one has tried making their own bean sprouts (or other edible sprouts), which I think is odd cause if you make your own they cost like five cents.
    I have heard you mention soda money, and beer, and cider. I was wondering if you do not count beverages in the dollar a day thing, or if that was in the budget, or if it was only done once in a great while from the splurge money, or if they were all gifts or what?
    About the garden thing, I had just written how I thought the gardening stuff was getting more expensive. I think that you were waiting to get seeds from Big Lots, hoping that they would be a dime. They might not be (can't say for sure as I haven't looked yet), but last year Dollar Tree had seeds for a dime, but this year they have gone up to a quarter. The 99 Cents Store had them last year either for nine cents or eleven cents, but I can't check that this year cause they closed the store. Anyway, a garden would be worth your time, just be warned that you might not get last year's prices.
    The whole not being able to dig a garden makes no sense. You would think that the landlord would appreciate someone taking extra care of the place.
    As for container gardening, I have had the most luck with pepper plants. Buy plants at a feed place or fruit stand, not at Home Depot and such. It is probably too late to bother sprouting tomato or pepper or eggplant, and those will suffer from damping off (not sure if I got the name right) anyway and are not usually worth the bother unless you plan to grow rows and rows of the exact same varieties. And you don't always need expensive potting soil. Top soil (without a big name brand) will cost about $1.25 a bag.
    Do you mind some personal questions. Nothing weird, just stuff like how old are you? You sound young. (For the record, I am 43 now, so that is where I am and my definition of young would be different from yours.)
    Are you a Vegan, or one of those other things? I am not a vegetarian myself. But I find myself *disappointed* (polite term) by people who call themselves vegetarian and then learn that they eat shrimp or even chicken. If you are a vegetarian, would you say your motivation is more love of animals/moral issue, a health issue, or a money issue?
    You have mentioned both being lazy and not being able to make good pie crust. I want to tell you how not lazy you seem to me that you've done enough baking to know that you're not good at pie crust. I think my mom's generation was just expected to bake stuff from scratch, but the rest of us don't bother unless it is part of our job or it is a favorite hobby. I learned to bake and cook things, mostly from stuff in boxes, when I was about ten, but then I never got much past that except for soups and stirfries. I learned to bake Toll House Cookies, but pretty much anything else I would want is made by Pillsbury, if I can even be bothered to do that instead of just getting a package of something already baked at the store.
    I want to say that I think it's great that you're doing this for yourself and not for world peace or something. World peace would be nice, but I think that is a big goal for a blog. A person's little experiments should be for the person doing the experiment, not everyone else. If you save money, then you should have every right to put it back in your own pocket, as I would think that's where it came from in the first place. Still, you will get comments that are pretty much like hate mail, saying that you are making fun of poor people and such. Please ignore them and keep posting.

  5. @laughing- I haven't made sprouts yet. I'm not really sure why- probably a motivation thing. i know they're healthy, and green, i just can't seem to put the want and the (tiny) work together.

    Soda, I decided at the beginning, had to be a different budget category. Much like people with other addictions, I would forgo food if it were a question of caffeine or food. I'm cutting back, but the only times I've ever managed to actually quit I was in places where there *was* no soda. Beer is usually "free", though. Either because my sister spilled hers on me, or because I'm a girl who sometimes takes advantage of men. I think I've had maybe three beers since this started- I'm usually driving, so I stick to water or soda.

    re: garden- landlords are strange people. It's actually transplant tomatoes week here right now, so I might have to use some of my veggie money and pick up a couple (cheap) tomato plants somewhere, and just plant them. I love tomatoes, but buying them is never as satisfying as just grabbing them from the back yard.

    LoL- I guess I have a young "voice". I'm 31- don't know if that's young or not. I've actually had co-workers in the past who liked to play "how old is j." with new people. My mother *still* tells me that someday I'll be happy I don't look my age. At least I don't get carded for movies anymore.

    I am definitely vegetarian. My seven year veggie-versary is coming up later this month. The vegan thing... I'm close, but I can't seem to get over cheese. I haven't (knowingly) eaten meat (including chicken, fish, bacon) in about 7 years. It's mostly a moral/ ethics thing, partly a black and white "if muscle = meat, why is it wrong to eat dogs and children" thing, and partly a gross out/ too much microbiology thing. Vegan in the US makes next to no sense financially, eggs and dairy are so affordable, and plant alternatives are much more expensive (EB instead of butter, soy instead of cow milk, agave nectar or maple syrup instead of honey, and don't even get me started on vegan cheese). But I can't stand eggs and I've been losing my lactose tolerance for years now, so I might as well go with it, right?

    I like the science in baking, and the savings. Pie crust really has neither- it's this strange and uncontrollable art. I tried it a couple times, then resigned myself to just not having traditional pie anytime soon. Plus, some things just don't turn out right from a mix, and some are fun from scratch- like cookie-press cookies, or snickerdoodles.

    Meh. Some people will always want to make everyone else miserable. Sometimes it's even me (on the 5th day of blizzarding snow in a row, for example). I'm a very "wanna bet" kinda person, though, so they usually make me more motivated. Being poor, though- that would be a pretty good step up for now. I've got plenty of posting left.

  6. I did not like eggs until maybe fifteen years ago myself. And I know about the soda addiction. No alcohol for me, but I'll have plenty of my recreational drugs caffeine, chocolate, and sugar.

    I hadn't even thought about honey not being Vegan, but you're right, it does come from keeping animals captive.