Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 59- Bread and Tacos

Bread and circuses might have been more fun, but I have stuff to make tacos. Circuses are tougher to come by these days.

Finished off the chips for breakfast, then the left-over bread rolls and oil/ vinegar for "lunch".

I think the pizza recipe would convert to bagels pretty easily- the outside gets that odd waxy texture like soft pretzels overnight. Only a short step from that to bagels.

Made soft tacos (2) for dinner with the last of the cooked pinto beans. Would have been at least twice as good with avocado, but then, anything is better with avocado. Topped them with 1 torn up leaf of lettuce, 1/2 a tomato, and a couple slices of onion. oh, and some catsup. Om nom. It ended up tasting pretty spicy.

I have 2 plantains I need to use. I was planning on making fried plantain with them, but they are over-ripe now, not green anymore. Never seen anything ripen that fast in my life.... probably going to still try it. The only recipe I've got is an alton brown one, and the man is all about extra steps. Not saying that's bad, sometimes it's great. but I'm lazy, and i just want to get them fried and in the freezer for eating later.

In other news, the roaches have launched a new offensive. Or perhaps we've stopped defending quite so energetically. It seems like every time I go into the kitchen lately there's a dirty paper towel on a pile of spilled something or other, coffee grounds, and a cockroach all in the middle of the cutting board. I'm planning to wipe down the stovetop again and get rid of any spilled food or splattered grease, but really? I live with boys, and they are busy reinforcing that knowledge.

Back on topic-

I'm thinking about doing a (super cheap) island theme to go with the fried plantain. Black beans, rice, sweet potato, chili powder... maybe mix up a batch of seitan (wheat-meat) and "borrow" some jerk spice from mom... It'd be better with fresh coconut, mango, and avocado, but everything is better with those three.

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  1. ortho home defense - you might not want to go that route. you'd have to spray all your baseboards and then leave the area until it dries. but it truly works.