Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 103- Cheating and Stuff

I'm working on a project (when I'm not otherwise looking for work or sleeping or writing stuff for you guys) that requires me to actually go into the "city" during the day. You know, when it's hot out, and the big burning thing is in the sky, and you have to pay for parking, and the streets are full of tourists.

So that's what I did yesterday- I went downtown. I got some of what I needed to do done, but nowhere near enough. But that's not the point. The point is that I walked (in typical NY-transplant fashion, like a bat outta hell) from pretty much one end of Charleston to the other in an hour and a half, and took notes and photos, and I don't remember what else.

It's kinda summer here. I know because the roaches no longer only crawl, nope, now they *fly* too. Ah, South Carolina, I missed you why?

Anyway, I didn't bring a snack. I didn't bring water. I had to buy water, which made me feel dirty- it was about as much for one tiny bottle as a 6pack would be at a store... dratted restaurants. Then on the way back to the car the pita place called my name.


And I gave in. I paid $6.02 for a little less than 500 calories of food. That's a lot of money! It's all cheating money, of course, which is probably coming out of the money I was going to use on my project, but whatever.

It tasted good. Not $6 worth of good, but *I didn't have to cook it myself* worth of good.

For "dinner" I had the last two corn muffins with EB on them. That was tasty, but it was by no means a day of balanced, healthy eating.

I apologize if I'm a little scatty lately. Roommates are night people, and guys, who live like guys live, only at night. I tend to be a night person myself, but I need to be up during the day to do the job hunting thing, and probably eventually to do the job-working thing. So I really am only getting a couple hours sleep between when they wind down and 10:30 when I try to get back up. I nod off a bit in the evenings, but... yeah. Writing this is actually about the last thing I do each day before I crash.

So if it's not making much sense, sorry, I'm already about maxed out on caffeine. Guess I'll just have to find a night job.

Now to start getting ready for hurricane season.


  1. There's nothing at all to apologize for, j. In my mind what you're attempting is more difficult than most things people would choose to do voluntarily. I think wanting a break or a cheat for a day is more than natural. It's kinda like telling someone on a diet that she can't eat any carbs or white sugar or whatever. Eventually she's going to give in to temptation a time or two, whether it's chips or a pita or something else.

    Just remember that what you're doing here has helped and influenced a lot of people. Knowing that you're human too can't hurt.

    So what was in the pita, and can you make it at home for $1 or less? :)

  2. That's actually the worst part- the falafel was good (if oddly prepared- I've never had it crumbled before...). But they didn't have the toppings I *really* wanted, so it was really just pita, spinach, lettuce, cucumber, onion, and black olives- plus the hot-sauce flavored falafel.

    I think I'll be sticking to the non-chain, local pita place by my mother from now on for cheating. I could have made it at home, better, for much less- even if I had to buy pita rather than make it.

    Figure a pita takes about the same amount of flour as a tortilla, or about 2cents worth, 2 cents worth of other ingredients, rounded up for oops, 5 cents per pita. $1.20 for a can of chickpeas to make 6 pitas worth of "falafel", or 20 cents each (cheaper from dry), 5 cents for black olives, 5 cents for cabbage, 20 cents for 1/4th an avocado from the vegetable bin, 5 cents worth of onion... 5 cents worth of tomato and another penny or so for oil/ vinegar dressing...

    Could make some pretty swish falafel pitas for about 70 cents.

    It might be time to get some "convenience" foods cooked up and tossed in the freezer.