Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 80- New Rule!

Oatmeal no more than once a day!

I only ate oatmeal once yesterday, and Wow, was it ever nice. Not the oatmeal, that's pretty much crap, but the variety. Now that was yum.

So, a bowl of oatmeal, a bowl of sauerkraut (now all gone, so sad), and this wild seitan idea I had while talking myself out of cheating.


Let's call it Seitan and Peas

I need to work on the texture- braising and then trying to fry left it rubbery, but I finally got enough flavor in the seitan itself that I didn't need to attack it with some kinda heavy sauce. I'll share when/ if I figure out the texture issue- I think I might end up having to "chicken fry" it.

The major bonus to wheat meat (well, other than the "not meat" bit) is that you can add the seasonings in while you make it, like a cake, rather than trying to add flavors later through marinading. This makes it faster to prepare, with somewhat less planning. If I figure out how to get the texture less like boiled fat, it'll be better, but the whole thing from "wow, I'm hungry" to "Om nom nom" was less than 45 minutes- including taking pics and some clean up. Probably closer to half an hour, if you wanna get all technical. And I was making up the recipe as I went.

Starting off thoughts of how I could have made this better-
  • Onions in the "sauce"
  • Garlic!
  • It would have been good over rice
  • Frying the "meat" to give it some texture before adding back to the cooking liquid/ sauce
All in all, though, not bad.

Askin' for help-

Ruby Leigh over at Five Dollar Day has about a pound of dry soy beans, and no good recipes. The only things I know to do with soy beans are turn them into soy milk, or turn them into tofu (kinda the same thing, really...), or try to swap them out for other beans in something. She's looking for actual tested recipes or ideas, if anyone's got them.

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