Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 81- Planning Fail

Yesterday was a busy day. Normally, I do online applications, some writing, and other misc. "at home" job searching activities in the morning. It's easy to avoid being tempted when you basically stay home until you're full. Couldn't do it yesterday, though. I had errands.

So somewhere after nomming some more oatmeal, I went off to run those errands. Swap out books at the library, pick up some more soda, fill out a couple applications, buy a bag of chips...

Oh, wait. That's the bit I wasn't supposed to do. Usually when I go out, it's to places where there's really not much for me. I mean, there's really nothing tempting (for me) at a steakhouse. Or IHOP, for that matter. But the grocery store? I was sooooo tempted by the (single serving) fancy frozen ravioli. It was vegan. It tastes good (I've had it before). It was six bucks.

Now, I might be the food budget cheater to end all cheaters, but really? Six dollars??? It'd be gone in one quick NOM, and then I'd have cheated, I'd feel bad, and I'd still be hungry.

Not cool. So you could almost say the (big) bag of chips was a restrained purchase. Ok not really, but I tried.

It's something I can work with though. I've got a stove top granola recipe, and I think I've worked out how to make it edible with what I've already got. So I'm planning on mixing up a vat of that, and I can just drag it around in the car with me. Everywhere I go. For the whole of the rest of the year.

I need to start working with my personal oddities, rather than trying to force my lazy behind into super-go-getter mode. Ah, to be filthy rich, with cooks and maids to make and bring me food. Meh, I'd probably get too lazy to call down and order food. Or maybe household help doesn't work like hotel room service?

Not happening anytime soon, so it's really not even worth wondering about.


  1. Grocery stores when hungry are the worst. I left work hungry the other day, intending to go home, nom a couple greek olives and then hold out til dinner. Then I remembered I had to pick up laundry detergent and milk, and ended up with laundry detergent, milk, a big bag of doritos, cookies and a Snickers bar. Very bad.

  2. The granola sounds like a great plan. Kim is right, one can NEVER go to the grocery store hungry.

  3. You'd think by now I'd know better... At least I don't have kids and a husband- I've never seen anyone come in under budget on family shopping trips.

    I didn't even *think* about chocolate... After being trained in WY that vegan chocolate lives at the health food store only, I don't usually even look anymore.