Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Caffeine Withdrawal

I haven't said anything because I keep forgetting to write about it, but I'm out of soda again. When the soda ran out I could have bought a new bottle. When I decided not to do that I could have started dosing myself with tea.

Skipped that one too. I went almost 48 hours without caffeine.

The last 12 was extra nasty. Honestly I thought I'd missed out on the headaches and near-narcolepsy of withdrawal this time.

Nope, headache city the last couple hours. I can't tell at this point if it's sinus stuffiness or the caffeine thing at this point. It feels like my brain is swollen and trying to push my eyes out of my head.

No fun.

Finally gave in and made a cup of tea. I love tea. The one I used doesn't exist anymore- at least I can't find it online. Which makes me want to save it 'cause I'll never find it again. But wow, Yogi vanilla chai is yummy stuff. With sugar it tastes like vanilla candy.

Really, though, the good part is the caffeine. I imagine the way I feel as the caffeine enters my bloodstream, how it tastes even in my mouth, maybe (or maybe not, never paid *that* much attention in class) getting absorbed by the inside of my mouth is something like how junkies feel when they shoot up.

It just flows into me, and everything feels a bit better. Half an hour after that first sip my headache is gone, my eyes only throb a little, and I don't feel anywhere near as feverish.

Almost makes me not want to quit. Maybe just cutting back. I don't need to concentrate anyway, right?

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  1. What kind of tea was it that you can't find online?