Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 109- Rain and Pancakes

After yesterday morning's nasty storm, the weather cleared up a bit. By a bit I mean it was crazy hot, and I sweat (and sweared) a lot when I went outside. Pleh.

So, since it was hot out, and no longer raining, RM#1 decided it would be a good day to mow the lawn. I got to do the front lawn.

All body parts that were attached at the beginning of the adventure were there at the end, in case anyone was wondering.

But wow, I suck at using a lawnmower. I've only ever used the human powered push-type before, which could be part of my problem. RM#1 stared at me like I'd grown a new head when I asked how it worked. I guess in his world they routinely let klutzy-types with bad balance work machinery. I don't think I'll be mowing fairways anytime soon.

So after that, I ate a bag of chips.

Um, I mean, I wiped off the sweat, called it a morning, and got cleaned up.

Actually, I think I've figured out the cheating thing. If I'm lazy one day, I almost *have* to have the chips the next day. So I'm basically setting myself up to cheat by not eating enough. Then I have the chips and feel like crap.

Around "dinner" time I made pancakes. By dinner time, I mean after it got dark again, but before the sun came back up. Think midnight.

tasty vegan pancakes

The only photogenic pancake. Also the last one. And the smallest. It was a little too much batter for me to feel ok about eating it off the spoon raw.

But it's pretty!

I slathered them with EB, and nommed them with abandon. Om nom nom. I have a tiny small square of one left that I'm gonna eat now, actually. Cold.

Then today, I'm gonna cook. No, really. And (if it's not flooded downtown) go get some avocado. And some onions, 'cause I finished mine. And maybe a zucchini. I like zucchini.

And I'm still thinking about what I'd do with 7lbs of broccoli.


  1. I'm a day or so behind, but about your 'hurricane food'...ya know peanut butter is so good and stores really well and it's fairly cheap too :)

  2. I like to chop the very tips of broccoli into rice with shaved carrots and then use the stems in veggie stew

  3. No! I *won't* eat peanut butter! You *can't* make me!

    invisible don- that sounds good. I usually just chop the broccoli tops and steam/ saute with some onions, garlic, and soy sauce. Not bad roasted, either.

  4. I've also got a chip addiction. Same problem though - if I'm lazy about feeding myself, the next day (sometimes that day) I can't get the thought of chips out of my head. And then I eat them and I'm so much hungrier the whole day.