Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 140- BedBug Eradication League

Ok, not really. But since just about everything I did Saturday was directly related to the containment and slow painful death of foul me-eating insects (dude, I'm scrawny, pick on someone else!) there wasn't much eating going on. There still isn't, which is part of my problem.

You see, I let the RM's control the AC and heat. It's included in the rent, and I don't feel like arguing about it. Now, in cold climate areas I'm quite happy (when I pay a gas bill) to keep the house just warm enough that the pipes don't freeze, and wrap up my me and heat just the space I'm actually *in*. And in places where it's hot I'm usually content to go someplace else if I really *need* to be in the AC for a couple days.

But here the electric is bundled, and I gave up control of the AC. And now I'm freezing! It's South Carolina and I need winter blankets to sleep! Now, I admit to being a bundling/ heavy blanket, always cold type. No problem there- I freeze when I sleep. It's 70 now, though, as I write this, and I have no blankets. I was too tired to bother with the sleeping bag, which needs serious time in the drier on low heat to get hot enough to kill the little buggers, or very close watch on high heat to make sure it doesn't melt (which would suck). So I figured I would just sleep. It's 90 outside I should have no problem, right?

Nope. No food yesterday means no fuel to keep my little j. furnace going at night. My toes are almost blue. It's summer. So I'm heat-treating my sleeping bag (and have been for the last couple hours) and as soon as it's done I'm rolling up in it and going back to sleep.

I still have *sooo* much to do to even start to control this. And that's just in my room. I'm thinking that when I move out the dozen or so things I actually care about and want to keep (and that I can't heat treat) can go into storage pretty much forever, and everything else is getting tossed. I'd rather move and replace *everything* then move and have to do this again.

So anyway, I guess what I'm saying is that my dessert with every meal plan is kinda sidelined at the moment, since I haven't really eaten (pasta and leftover pasta, and coleslaw don't really count) there is no "after meal" to eat dessert in anyway.

I do have photos of food, though, and some eating stuff, and even some math I want to write out. Monday, though. And I promise, after this weekend, no nasty more bug posts. Gluaah.

Right now I just want to grab a (non-infested) towel and hitchhike my way right out of here. I hear that if you have a towel you can borrow just about anything else you'd need. Not sure I want to test that, though.

I hate bugs.


  1. Bed bugs will travel room to room, so if you have them, there's a good chance your roommates do, too. Y'all may want to chip in for an exterminator. They are also known to move from one apartment to another, so you may have caught them from a neighbor. You might want to consider moving your bed to an external wall if possible. I've also heard that surrounding your bed and other places you want to keep them out of with diatomaceous earth works. It's a kind of soil made of finely ground sea fossils - finely enough to feel soft to people, but with sharp edges that will slice up the bed bugs if they try to cross it. Just make sure you don't get the stuff they sell for fish tanks - that stuff isn't safe to inhale.

  2. Oh, *I* know they travel, but I don't think the roommates are allergic to the bites, because they haven't really noticed it. It's not an apartment, though, I'm in a house, and have actually moved my bed about 8 inches from the walls, to cut down on spots I can't see. If they didn't come in with my pillow they could have come in with vermin or already been in the carpet.

    I've already got the Diat. Earth. Spread it thinly all over the place. I'm not sure that crystalline silica is ever healthy to inhale, but I get your point. RM#1 was confused as to why I was washing everything in hot water then drying it for hours- "but we don't wash with hot." There's some rat-hole house backstory there I'll maybe share someday...

    But yeah, when I move out very very little is coming with me, everything else is getting trashed, or if I can't bear to toss it, stored for a year or three. blech

  3. I like the "Hitchhiker's Guide" reference :)