Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 141- Mac and Nutritional Yeast

It just doesn't have the same ring.

Ok, a step or two back. Friday I did very little behaving. I finished whatever was nearby for breakfast, then didn't eat again for hours. i had a dollar or two, and some tomatoes, so i decided to pick up a box of pasta from save-a-lot (89 cents, I think).

This of course led to me eating a 99 cent pizza that had cheese. but then later I made a huge vat of pasta and tomatoes and stuff, which was good. I have photos and a recipe and everything, but... not right now.

Slackerific, right?

so I nommed the pasta, or half of what I made, anyway, and then didn;t fall asleep- this is where the drama started. saturday morning I finished the pasta, and that was the last time I remember eating until like 2AM Sunday, when I snacked on some coleslaw.

Then later I made this mac and cheese thing that ended up tasting like chicken a la king, and will not be repeated.I don't care what anyone else says, nooch does not taste like cheese, unless it's the shakey cheese fake parm stuff they sell. Which is not cheese.

Then I cheated late last night, or rather, early this morning, and I'm sure my intestines will let me know the error of my ways. my stomach was busy telling me all about it before I even got home. Lactose intolerant people should not crave and eat cheese. It's just bad.

All of this basically leads me to my point.

I've got a cold. It's been sneaking up for a while, but the drama, the no sleep, and the seriously crappy eating this weekend has tipped me over into total summer cold mode. I've got a sore throat (made worse by the DE all over my room), a runny nose, and a headache. i'm coching and sneezing, and just generally icky. I hate colds. This is the first one I've had at sea level in years, though, so maybe it won't turn into pneumonia or bronchitis or both. a girl can dream, right?

Math is getting pushed off again, sorry. Little j's need their sleep. Now where did i put the vitamin c and hard candies....

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