Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 146- Mixed Drinks are Not Cold Medicine

My cold has moved on to the next stage- I now totally wish I was dead. I'm coughing (which hurts), my eyes are watering (also hurts), sneezing (hell-ooo pain), my face feels twice its' normal size, and my throat has moved onto the "dying of oesophageal cancer" voice. Very hot, srsly.

Don't worry, though- I has medicine!

Benadryl, hot sweet herbal tea, ibuprofen, and booze!

Um, I mean... cough medicine. Srsly. Because, you know, amareto sours would really really *really* hurt a raw throat. And burn a nose that looks like it's trying out for rudolph's in summer stock. You could even say it glows.

Cleared me up for a minute or two, though. If only it didn't hurt so damned bad. Hot soup by the bucket load is sounding better and better, by the way- something that pulls the ick out of my throat and gives me nourishment at the same time would be full on win. Maybe later today. For now, I'm going to make another cup of tea and hope my head falls off.

Maybe if I'm lucky the health fairy will come along while I nap and make me better. If only she'd bring the money fairy, too... Life would be sweet then.

Oh, yeah, and my local grocery seems to have discontinued my fav. vegan ice cream- it was on super sale and all out when I tried to cheat earlier. It just sounded so good- the cool creamy smoothness of frozen coconut milk and sugar... so soothing. But no, all gone.

Ow. Going to go hope for fast painless death. Or fever high enough to hallucinate- talking to Mickey Mouse always helps time pass faster.


  1. Make those people give you a rain check...when they run out, they need to be accountable. You deserve that ice cream!

  2. I'm actually feeling a bit better this afternoon. I don't know if it's because of the hot tea last night, or if the booze really did kill off some of the ook in my throat.

    Cyndee- I think they're cutting the line entirely. Their goofy vegan section's gotten smaller and smaller since I moved here. But I'll try to be brave and actually *ask*. Who knows, maybe they'll bring it back- or at least get some from another store for me.

  3. Points for the retro spelling of esophageal.

  4. I admit it's a holdover from NZ- my spelling is about 50/50 us/uk at this point. Makes for fun editing.

  5. Feel better soon!