Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 158- More un-Chicken Nuggets

I don't think this recipe will ever be anything I'd feed to someone else, but for me it's not bad. Not healthy at all, but not bad.


More 1980s fast food than real chicken, but not bad (with mustard). Also really not for the gluten intolerant. The addition of some nutritional yeast made them a bit tastier, and about as nutritious as they're getting.

Not Chicken Nuggets
  • 1 heaping cup flour
  • 1/4c vital wheat gluten
  • 2T kosher salt
  • 1/4 tsp garlic powder
  • 1/2 tsp onion powder
  • 1T cajun seasoning, paprika, or a mix of the two
  • 1T nutritional yeast
  • 1 C water
  • Oil for frying
Add all the dry ingredients together, add the water, holding back some- you want just enough to form a dough, whispiness is good. Heat the oil in a pan, and spoon out chunks of dough, spreading them flat into "nugget" shapes, less than 1cm thick (guestimate). Flip the nuggets to ensure even cooking, and browning on both sides. Repeat until all dough is cooked. For a more hands off option, lightly fry both sides, then transfer to a baking sheet and bake @ 350 until done, probably 20 minutes. Would also probably work in a deep fryer.

I'm lazy, so when they're cooked on the outside I pull them from the pan, then microwave them for a minute or two, until they're authentically rubbery. It's full of win.

I also had oatmeal (not bad after a break...) and noodles.

On noodles-

I like to add a bit of ginger powder and garlic or onion powder when I add the soy sauce to my noodles. Just a bit of ginger gives great flavor and makes them more like ramen (is that a good thing?). Yesterday, I accidentally added a lot of ginger.

A lot of ginger was not a good thing here. It ended up in a clump. It made my noodles very spicy. It also made them very bitter. I ate them anyway (mostly), but pleh, too much of a good thing is sometimes just too much.

In other news, RM#1 has now decided that he, too, has bedbugs, but either doesn't know how, or doesn't want to be bothered with getting rid of them. Strange indeed. Back into the drier with all my bedding. Gross.


  1. Oh, how I want McDonald's now. I wonder if I can fit it into this week's budget.

    There is something seriously wrong with your roommate.

  2. Lol- He's just a huge geek. and not in the sexy Jace Hall/ Vin Diesel kinda way, either. More in the gamer/ treky stereotype kinda way. Very sad.

    I really want Thai sweet chili oven fries, with roast garlic mayo to dip them in, but I *know* that's not in the budget. Oh well, maybe next week.

  3. Everything but the mayo sounds delicious!