Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 159- In the Fridge

I always think it's interesting to see what's inside people's refrigerators. Normally you don't get to look. I mean, how much would you freak out if some random guest got up and started looking in your fridge. But there's some interesting stuff in there. So here's my fridge.

fridge of doom
It's really not pretty, huh? We actually have a little bar fridge, too, full of Mt. Dew and energy drinks and stuff. Until RM#3 moved in this was pretty empty except for my stuff. Now our fridge overflows. The booze, btw, isn't hers, she's not some huge lush. The rest of them had some friends over a week or so ago, and that's what's left.

The boys kept (keep?) their food in the freezer and the pantry. My stuff's outlined in pink ('cause I'm so girly...)

freezer nomz
Gamer food is, after all, designed to not go bad easily. They live off frozen pizza, snacks, and boxed mac and cheese. My diet may be lacking in nutrients most of the time, but I'm amazed they haven't dropped dead from scurvy.

Wait, Vit. C is in Mt. Dew. Ok, no scurvy, but you get the idea.

I think the really sad thing about these photos is that none of that booze is mine. QQ

So far as yesterday's food is concerned, I had some oatmeal (which is not so good now that I've had it twice), and a bag of chips, bought *in budget*, on sale for $2.03 including tax. I also spent about 3 hours picking my father up from the airport, which is why I got the chips. That brings my money until the middle of august to about $12, which is plenty. I think.


  1. With roommates is it hard to prevent food theft? I realize you're vegan and they're probably not.

    I had a roommate once, she ate all my food. I swear as soon as laid down to go to sleep she hit the fridge. That was my experience, but I was curious about yours.

  2. Strangely, no. They hit the EB once or twice, but otherwise...

    If my food was more what I used to eat- heat and eat-style- I'm sure I'd have more problems. but everything I've got now is vegetables or requires more cooking skill than just boiling water.

    Lucky me the roommates don't eat veggies, huh?

  3. Absolutely, lucky j.

    I used to hit Hot Pockets pretty hard, those were always gone quick.

  4. I see Hershey's syrup. Woohoo!

  5. Not mine, sadly- RM #1 puts it in his coffee.

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  7. I guess the obvious follow up (I'm not too sharp right after I wake up) would be... What's in your fridge?