Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 160- Cheating and Bear

Visited Mom yesterday. She tried to feed me- brown rice, tomato and basil salad. The texture was kinda cheese-y. Not bad, really. She also passed on about half a bag of french green lentils. Bear wore the Cone Of Shame most of the time I was there- he has a huge hot-spot on his behind and actually likes the taste of the bitter apple spray. So he's rocking the light-shade look. Didn't bring my camera, so sorry, but no cute Bear looking sad in cone photos.

I also helped Mom figure out what to add to the salad she was taking to a BBQ (fish fry? still kinda confused about where she was going). It ended up being a bunch of lettuce, some tomato, some roasted red peppers, and chopped kalamata olives. Looked good to me.

When I got home (after taking a round-about, lower traffic route) I fell asleep, waking up late last night hungry and with no desire to cook. So I hit the only open place around, the gas station, for a bag of chips. So I guess that was my cheat for last week. I'd planned on the cupcake the size of my head, but I guess it'll have to wait.

And that was my Friday. Today I'm planning on hitting the save-a-lot for a sweet potato, some cabbage, and an onion or two. Maybe even some oil. Fried rice is sounding extra tempting just now.

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