Friday, August 20, 2010

187- Still Moar Potatoes

I will run out, eventually.

Or rather, I *could* run out eventually. They're in the save-a-lot ad again this week- 10lbs potatoes for $2. That's a lot more tasty potato foods. Like bread, or mash, or not-shepherds pie, or...

I'm probably not going to buy them. There's a sale that interests me much more at Publix- they have canned tomatoes on sale for half price, and good pasta (no lasagna noodles, though) b1g1 (so $1.29/2lbs). I'm tempted (very) to pick up 2 pounds of pasta, an over-priced jar of sauce (booze-y), an onion, some tofu, and just eat that all of next week. It sounds yummy, and I'd really enjoy it. Plus, since I haven't really cooked yet this week, I have *plenty* leftover for rounding out the nommage.

non-potato for just a minute-

I was thinking about what else I could do with bargain priced pasta, and I thought about how "creamy" the very overcooked pinto beans were. I know people make creamy and "alfredo"-type sauces from puree'd white beans. Now I'm wondering if it'd be possible to make something tasty that way. There's no way 1 jar of pasta sauce and 1 pound of tofu would last me more than 1lb of pasta, anyway. Experiment time, maybe?

Back to potatoes.

I went about halfway between tough and lazy yesterday. Nuked the potatoes until they were mostly done, then chopped some onion, oiled my wok, and tossed the potato and onion in there. Tossed and fried for a while, added garlic, spices, plenty of salt. It was good. More garlic would be better, and I think next time I'll use more. No such thing as too much garlic.

Well, not when you're single, anyway.

In other news, the site I used for nutritional info on potatoes told me that they're mildly inflammatory. I pop ibuprofen like it's candy, so need to balance that out. Turns out onions are this magic anti-inflam food. Or according to the random website they were. So now I have a better excuse to eat onions in everything- they save me money (and stomach lining) 'cause i don't have to take as much vitamin I!

Um... yeah.


  1. I'm gonna agree that you can never have too much onions or garlic, regardless of relationship status (unless you're a big Twilight fan). Anyway, I'm sure you've tried something similar before but: Ramen + curry powder + a cup or so of frozen veggies - most of the water you cooked the pasta in = a good meal.

  2. I read a book (or 12) where the vampires got to eat garlic. lots and lots of garlic. It was great.

    I have not tried curry+ramen+veg. Had a flatmate once who'd drop chili oil and an egg in ramen for the last minute or so... I usually just add extra soy sauce and powdered ginger. Speaking of ramen, I haven't had any in a while- maybe i should hunt some down.