Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 169- Fried Rice is My Friend

I am really loving this whole fried rice thing. I admit, yesterday I probably should have cut back a bit. My tummy is still sore, with the odd stabbing pain (I was *sure* all the cheese escaped...), so eating is a bit adventurous right now.

Which reminds me- Don't eat stuff that makes you sick.

For some reason, this is easy to remember with stuff I don't like (mushrooms) or that is expensive and has to be prepared a special way to taste good to me (roast red bell peppers), but nearly impossible to remember when it comes to cheese. Possibly because cheese isn't likely to cause sudden painful death so much as make me wish for it. Trust me when I tell you that there are few sights stranger than me, threatening the "magic laws of science," begging for a huge stomach perforation so I could just die already.

Back to fried rice.

I'm trying to make enough money before "payday" to pay bills and have some left over for that orgiastic cheat-fest I've been dreaming of. Or at least enough to spare for a cheap-o replacement camera. Now that I *can't* have them, I really want photos.

So, anyway, I'm working a lot (for me), and goofing off less (again, for me), so I don't have as much time to cook. And by as much, what I really mean is that if I'm gonna come up with as much money as I want/ need I have to work pretty much every minute of every hour of every day at super human writing speeds. So there's really not a lot of time left for cooking.

Or for wishing I were dead, either.

Fried Rice to the rescue. I can make the whole thing while the rice is cooking, then after the rice is added, I can fill my bowl and toss the rest on the fridge. Or, well, I'd toss the rest in the fridge if I were one of those people who puts their leftovers away right away. But I always go back for seconds within about an hour, so I'd just have to waste time washing containers. Right?

Anyway, fried rice is currently ahead of oatmeal as my favorite cheap, easy meal. Not for long, of course- eventually I'll run out of veggies again and go back to the nuked wall paper paste dealy. For now, though, I'm kinda enjoying this whole "healthy stuff that reminds me of junk food" thing.

Oh, and before I forget, anyone getting ready for Talk Like a Pirate Day yet?


  1. What is that, like Sept 19? Believe it or not, we 'celebrate' that here at my workplace. Coworkers dress up and everything...really makes ya want to get a real job, right?

  2. September 19th Indeed. I tried to spread the pi-rate-y joy at my last job. Almost got fired for it. For talking like a pirate. And then no one believed me!

    Luckily, I *know* people with "real" jobs, and I spread the extra piratitude through them. Then I don't have to get dressed to work. Speaking of which, I need to get back to that stuff.