Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 170- Using A Sale to Cheat

So, I was hungry yesterday. I'm working pretty much every minute I'm awake (this is my break- nice, right?) and I keep putting off cooking.

So it'd be a good time to eat some really easy raw stuff, right?


I went to the store yesterday with the intention of getting some shells and cheese- total cheat. I passed some really really good spag. sauce on B1G1, and pasta on sale. Now, if I was gonna be naughty, I shoulda gone for those. But nope, I picked up 2 boxes of (really strange tasting, I now admit) Velveeta Shells and Cheese.

Good news is that there doesn't seem to be any *real* cheese in it, since it didn't make me sick. Also, it was only $2.03, so while it's a cheat, and this has been a pretty cheating kinda week, it wasn't a huge budget killer, overall. Which isn't to say that I couldn't have really used the money somewhere else, but more that I'm trying to train myself not to freak out over small mess ups with money.

So yesterday I ate two boxes of strangely colored mac and cheese. At least I definitely got enough calories yesterday. I'm not sure if I'm not getting enough fat, or if it's just a full on calorie shortage that's driving this cheating.

This week seems to be running a bit heavy on the FAIL, huh? Ok, back to work. Maybe I'll remember to actually *cook* this time when I'm hungry. It really does take less time than going to the store, dragging something back, and *then* cooking.


  1. velveeta doesn't have any real cheese in it...?!

    this disgusts but also intrigues my lactose-intolerant self.I really, really miss mac and cheese. hmmm.

    at least it was a cheap cheat and got you your calories!

  2. I scarfed down 2 boxes in about 6 hours. I'm sure there's *some* real dairy in it, but it didn't bother me at all- and I'm *still* tender from the pizza incident.

    That said, I don't think I'll be eating it again for a long time. It's *really* not that good, but then, there's a lot of food like that....

  3. I think it might be a lack of fat thing. I've noticed I have the same problem; the less fat in my diet, the more cheating I do.