Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 177- Cookies are Faster than Beans

At least I baked them this time. Finishing off the sugar and using a combo of finely ground oatmeal and un-ground oatmeal, I mixed up cookies. Then I gooped them onto the magic foil of non-sticking. Then I baked them, and they spread into one large, thin, very flexible cookie. So I rolled the cookie into the middle of the foil and slid it onto my plate.

Have I mentioned how much I love this non-stick foil stuff? It probably causes cancer in cancer, but at the moment I really don't care. I thought nothing could be better than parchment paper, but this is. And it doesn't get all brown and crispy. Magic.

Anyway. I at this one huge cookie. I drank some water. I answered email, looked at my cabinets, thought about doing laundry. I picked out an article topic and tried to decide if I'm going to pay the car insurance all in one go, or monthly. I hunted down and started reading Eat, Pray, Love.

I'm about a dozen or 18 chapters into it. So far there seems to be a lot of pray, and not so much eat. I dunno. I'm reserving judgement. It's like when I read a romance novel and the (otherwise independent) heroine lets her mother harangue her over the phone. Actually, it's not like that at all. I stop reading those books. Interesting heroines know that you can hang up on people- even mothers.

I looked at recipes, thought about what I have in the house, thought about what I have in my bank account. Ate some more cookie- by then rapidly solidifying. More water, too.

Writing happened late. Not much of it, either. Non-cookie eating happened not at all. Better work ethic today, I think. Writing (and cooking) went so much better when I had money for alcohol.

Oh, and beans- I think I'm going to start just using the freezer.

Sorry, rambling again. I blame the sugar.

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