Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 178- A Cheap Cheat, an Expensive Onion, and Lots of Procrastination

So, I had no onion. Last week I had onion. This week no onion. For some people, I'm told, that's totally not a problem. I've got no idea what they flavor their food with, but ok. For me? Big problem. Without onion (and/ or garlic) black beans just taste like beans. Chick-peas taste like nothing. Red sauce is just red.

So I went to the store- the wrong store, it turns out. I wandered up and down the aisles, looking at stuff I like to buy- soda, chips, coconut milk ice cream. Grabbed a bag of buy one, get one chips (makes them half price), but left the soda on the shelf- I have a regular source for less than $1.50 a bottle. Didn't give in to the temptation of a $7 bottle of wine.

Wandered (with my handbasket and bag of chips) to the produce section. Looking for an onion. The yellow ones were $1.29 a pound. Or was it $1.49? Anyway, they were small and nasty looking. Bags of yellow onions were more than $3. Red and white onions were $1.69/lb. They were also (some, anyway) in decent condition. Red onions are yummy, they add great flavor to all sorts of stuff. I could eat them by the bucket-full just thick sliced, brushed with oil, sprinkled with salt, and grilled until soft. But they aren't the best for flexibility.

So I carefully groped and prodded the white onions. Went through a couple that were starting to show some moldy color, passed up any that were soft around the stem end. Found a nice onion that wasn't too big. It was still almost a pound. I think it ended up being about $1.30. I'm not buying onions at Publix again if I can help it. Save-a-lot can be strange, and sometimes the onions are a bit scary, but they're rarely that expensive.

Now, of course, I'm writing this at 5am. I should be working. I keep putting it off. If I were smart I'd find a way to block the parts of the internets that distract me. I'm not so smart today, it seems. Strangely enough, it's the first article that kills me. Every time. I can't get past the first one. Once I get done with that one, the second is easier. And the third a bit easier than that. If I stop, though, it's like I never started.

Maybe I should have picked up the bottle of wine, after all.

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