Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 183- I Shopped


It's a start, at least. For $6.17 I filled in what I hope is a week's worth of food. I say hope, because I'm really not sure, and I don't think 83 cents is enough to buy a whole lot of anything.

So what'd I get?

Um, food?

Ok, really, I hit Publix and save-a-Lot. Picked up just about everything on my (repeatedly reworked) list and still ended up under budget (barely, for now).

  • 1lb Carrots
  • 5lb bag (crappy) flour
  • 2 heads (.19lbs) garlic
  • 1lb bag frozen peas
  • 1 (.54lb) sweet potato
  • 1 can tom paste (ingredients: TOMATOES)
  • 1 medium tomato (.44lb)
total w/tax- $4.80

  • 1lb bag (seriously over priced) chickpeas
total w/tax- $1.37

The chickpeas were on sale, and from the "latin" section. Indeed, all in Spanish and everything. The Publix brand ones were more like $1.60. Still only around 12 cents per serving, but kinda more expensive than I was expecting. Why are pintos so cheap (as low as 50 cents/lb in bulk) and other beans so spendy? It's not like they require super soil to grow. Must be the whole "rich people eat hummus, hummus is made from chick peas, rich people eat chickpeas" thing.


I expect the carrots, garlic (ha), peas, and flour to last more than a week. Carry-over from before that i expect to get to use this week includes: white potatoes, rice, salt, black beans, 1/2+ white onion, oil, baking supplies, misc. other stuff.

What do I want to make with this? Well, so far I've already made black bean dip- Just black beans, onion, garlic, oil, vinegar, and (too much...) salt blended into paste. Nummy with the rest of the tortilla chips I bought last week.

Other plans are looking like falafel, pitas, chana masala, pirogies, sweet potato gnocchi, more black bean dip, and samosas (if I get all motivated). My "realistic" goal is at least 2 of those.

I'm holding the 83 cents over- I might need it later this week. If not, then I'll need it when the salt and oil run out.

Even with rice and other stuff from the pantry, that doesn't look like enough food. I know potatoes are super food, but I don't know that I ever want to eat them 3 meals a day again. I'm all for getting in touch with my roots, but potatoes and oatmeal is maybe a bit *too* in touch. I'd rather have beer.

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  1. K, so I know you posted this a couple months ago and I'm way, way beyond behind in reading, but I just wanted to mention:

    If there's a middle eastern market near by, they usually have chick peas WAY cheaper than that (though still more than pintos - I think I spend $1/pound or less on them, though I usually buy them in massive amounts so I'm not sure the exact amount I spent per pound last time I bought them), and usually the produce and spices are cheaper too. Might be cheaper in an Indian market too, but I can't attest to that.