Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 184- Fall-back Lazyness

I love potatoes. They are bad for me. Not because they'll make me sick, or because they're actually *bad*, but because they make me lazy. Er.

See, I've got potatoes. So rather than have to clean out the crockpot (which might need more cleaning than I think it does, but any cleaning is more than I want to do) and cook beans, I just dice and fry potatoes. When I'm feeling really, really lazy I just pick 2 or 3 small potatoes, fork holes in them, and nuke them until they're "baked." Add salt, onion powder, and a light drizzle of oil and I'm fed for a while.

Problem is I've got all this splendid other stuff. Heck, I could make *peas and potatoes* in curry- automatic +6 for healthiness! Takes maybe an extra 4 minutes. Did I? Nope. Just fried potatoes.

Meanwhile I'm craving, with viciousness, that super simple chickpea curry. And rice.

To be honest, I'm not craving the rice I've got- I'm craving the swish basmati stuff with saffron tossed in for extra points/ flavor/ fanciness. Sadly, neither swish rice nor saffron are being harmed in the making of my menus. It makes me cry.

So yesterday I ate potatoes. Today is looking like potatoes, too. Hopefully with something else tossed in- like the peas and curry. But we'll see.

Totally off topic-

I tried to imagine what turns my life would need to take for me to want to own a house. Finally figured it out- If I had a TARDIS, I'd want a house to keep it in. Mainly to keep random strangers from trying to take it. If I had a yummy Time Lord instead, I wouldn't need a house- just regular food delivery. Wait, that's what I want anyway....

Back on topic-

I'm having trouble keeping my week straight. I eat, work, eat, sleep, repeat. The days kinda run together. I've tried using my google calendar to keep stuff straight, but it doesn't pop up, or ding, or anything. Do any of you make up your own schedule? Like, totally? How do you keep the days separate, or at least, how do you remember to get (non-work) stuff done? The cooking just kinda drops off for me. But right now, so does everything else....


  1. I have a minor DW crush on the current timelord, Matt Smith.

  2. In my world, the only Dr. Who is Tom Baker.

  3. Darwin- I'm not really sure about this new Doctor. I think I just have such a deep, abiding lust for David Tennant's Doctor that I can't accept the kinda floppy, way too "young" Dr. Just me.

    Kim- Tom Baker, huh? I'll have to hunt down more old eps to decide.

    Fewer Dr. Who geeks than I thought here. Maybe I should switch to the RM's ongoing Naruto-athon. Pleh.

  4. Well in my world, the only Dr. Who episodes I remember watching are with Tom Baker.

  5. Well, he was the Dr. for, like... 7 or 8 years. Admit it, though- you just have scarf envy.

  6. Tom Baker with the crazy hair from the 70's-80's was what I watched as a kid. I'm surprised I didn't have more Dr. Who nightmares growing up. I do have to say that this new guy, haven't seen him in action yet, but I dunno. I really like David Tennant, I think he's my fave so far.

    Tardis, house. Yes, beam me up (oops, wrong show). I tell hubby, "When we get a house" all the time, for everything imaginable. We're going to have a garden, "when we get a house." I think we'd invite people over more for get togethers, "when we get a house." etc. It just seems like things would be so much better if we had a house, I keep on thinking. Maybe one day, when we win the lotto (but have to play it first!)

  7. If I'm understanding your last question right, I think you need to get into a daily routine. You know, get up at the same time every day, go to bed around the same time every night. You might need to start setting your alarm, ya know? And it helps to make a list of things to get accomplished for the day that you can cross off. I know it's probably difficult accomplishing things because you don't have to leave the house for work... I can only imagine how lazy I'd be if I didn't have a job. Actually, I do because I totally do nothing on the weekends.

    Anyway, I think you should just make up a schedule. Like, 8 am get up, make breakfast, get ready, etc; 9 am-12pm work; 12pm-1pm make lunch, and so forth. Maybe it would help if you got out of the house every day too around the same time. Even if it's just to go to the park or library or whatever.

    I'm just thinking if you have a daily routine, you'll be more motivated and be more inclined to cook, nah mean?

  8. MrsQ- Every time i think it might be nice to have a house (and a tardis in it) I remember that homeowners have to do all the unpleasant stuff landlords do- deal with plumbers, fix the roofing, Deal with HOA's. Tennant, yes, yummy timelord.

    Christin- yeah, schedule. I already have weekly and monthly goals for leaving the house. Kinda sad to need them.

  9. I think Matt Smith is being underestimated as the current Dr. He has the quirky factor going for him, and I have to say I enjoy his sidekick of Amy Pond. Though one can appreciate Tom Baker (whom I remember best, as well, for the crazy hair) and Mr Tennant's scarf - I think Mr Smith is much more appealing on a personal level :)

  10. I think my problem with the new Dr is that he's really really young. I know the *DR.* isn't young, but the age of the actor makes him... less appealing on a sexy parts level.

    I suspect I'm just getting old.