Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 188- Cheating and Curry

I cheated. It wasn't as bad as I wanted it to be, cost-wise, but at least twice as bad in other ways.

Yesterday morning, when I was getting ready to find an onion (27 cents, plus penny tax), I was hungry. Now, I'm sure by now everyone on earth knows not to shop hungry. I sure do. But I went anyway.

Craving chips.

I managed to talk myself out of the chips and bought a $1 frozen pizza instead. So I "saved" $3, but now I'm (almost 20 hours later) still feeling blah in the belly, and slimy in the lungs/ chest/ nose/ whatever. Drat that cheese! It tempt-eth me so!

RM#1 tried to help me stay on the straight and (dairy-free) narrow, offering to take the pizza off my hands, but I wouldn't give it up. So I salted, garliced, and seasoned it and popped it in the oven.

Life would be much easier if vegan pizza was
  1. cheap
  2. available in more flavors than "mushroom"
  3. and stocked at my local store.
Now, maybe that's just me- I'm sure the mushroom loving portion of the veggie world is happy with the selection. Drat those allergies!

Then, this morning (after waking up *very* early b/c of over-enthusiastic anime watching in the living room) I was again craving chips.

I talked myself out of it and made the pea and potato curry-type stuff again, using a different mix (percentage-wise) of curry, and it turned out almost sweet, and not a spicy as last time. Om nom nom. It was even saucy enough that I could have served it over rice and not ended up with piles of dry, icky rice left over at the end. Win.

Ok, back to decimating my father at Desktop Defen- I mean... back to work?


  1. What brand of curry do you use/recommend? I need to invest in some but am torn between safeway-brand-stuff and really-nice-independent-store brand stuff.

    yay not-so-bad cheating at least? I totally feel you on the dairy thing, I unwittingly had some whole milk this morning on my cereal and it was SO GOOD but my body felt SO GROSS. bah.

  2. I've been using some stuff I got from World Market- the hot (yellow) and "Chiang Mai Red" sweeter one. I've used the ... I wanna say spice islands brand, both the "hot" and the normal one- not bad. If you have an Indian food store nearby, or an oriental food store with an Indian section, they should have huge jars for cheap- dunno about quality, but they must sell them, right? Otherwise, try the cheaper one first, and work up from there...

    And yeah, at least the cheat was cheap.