Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 198- Beans and Life- er, Rice

More black bean chili, nommed. With rice, who's texture I guess I'm just not fond of.

But today I feel a need to go more than a little off topic.

So, like just about everyone else over 18 and single, I signed at one of those dating web-sites. I think it's just one, anyway. You know, free to sign up, expensive to actually do anything with? And then they send you email *forever*.

Now, maybe I wasn't clear about who and what I am. Or maybe I'm just *really really* shallow, but... most of the "we think you'll like these guys" look like escaped convicts. Or un-escaped ones. The ones who say they're 35 all look older than my father.

Now, I'm sure there are (some) nice guys in these links they send me, but really? If I wanted to date overweight, balding men with questionable hygiene who lie about their age, I'd go down to the gaming store and get one. One guy obviously cropped his photo down from one of those hunting pictures, you know, where they hug or otherwise crawl all over whatever they just killed? How does hunter= guy I'll like?

I know the south is a little short on granola crunching techie-guys, but that's the best they can do? I'm starting to think I may have moved in the wrong direction. Mom likes to tell me that it's good that I moved here, that friend's kids who moved to NY or LA are all moving home because they can't find jobs. I carefully avoid reminding her that *I* didn't find a job here, I invented one on the internets.

So, single veggie-types who'd like to date (or at least know IRL) other veggie-types should probably live in places where there actually *are* other veggie-types. Oh well.

Now I really need to get to work or I won't be living *anywhere*.


  1. I must say I chuckled at the, um, recommended selection. I haven't tried such sites, but the horror stories are not in short supply. Don't they allow you to set a max age range for your target 'market'? Though that wouldn't filter liars... I'd have to say that a better bet than those sites would be to join veggie/farmer's market/vegan activities in your area.

    There are probably some veggie-type guys/people in your area, but perhaps lacking the proper method to meet up with other veggie-types?

  2. Lol, I did put an age limit on it, but like you said, it doesn't filter liars. The most likely area to find veggie guys around here is where I *wanted* to live... I'm at the other end of the wanna-metro area.

    My "town" is mostly blue collar, immigrants (legal and otherwise- great for practicing spanish), old people, or military. I actually tried a "veggie-only" dating site, but they were a bit *too* granola- even for me.

    I'm starting to suspect that I may be too picky.

  3. J,

    I'm in MO, and did the same thing - signed up in order to 'browse', but didn't pay. But I get emails from the site all the time, and every time I look at it and see the picture, my first thought is 'serial killer'.

    My primary issue is, how dumb do you have to be to choose a photo that makes you look like a serial killer? But the guys with their shirts off, not smiling, in the mirror are the funniest. Seriously, what kind of impression are you trying to make? 'Date my solemn, unsmiling abs.' Yeesh.

  4. Hey, at least the abs are nice to look at. And it's better than craigslist, where the scary serial killer-types looking for "serious, committed relationship"s think women want to *see* their man-parts before going on a nice, normal date. With a psychopath.

    I think I should move back to San Jose for a while. If I can't find a clean, geeky, employed guy there, or at least one that can be made clean through liberal application of soap and water, I'm lost- right?

  5. Big lol @ Kim's "date my solemn, unsmiling abs' line. If I was a guy, I would totally run to the nearest (err, easiest to remember?) dating site and put that on my profile or wherever they put info.

    Not to dish out advice, but you don't really have to settle or try too hard. If there are no fitting guys around, so be it. Try around, and if it doesn't work out (or you end up in a hostage kind situation), then perhaps it isn't the best time/place to look. The good ones will show up when they need to show up.

  6. I don't need good- good enough will do for now. I'd just like to have someone other than my father or RM's to recruit for heavy lifting projects.

    I've given up on the whole cooking, cleaning, sane thing at this point. All those guys are out dating other cooking, cleaning, sane guys.

  7. I had to say that your "man-parts" line made me laugh hysterically...bless your heart. I feel relieved to be married right now.

  8. Don't discount craigslist! I met my husband there. You do have to filter out the less than acceptable men but there are a lot of good ones out there too. Of course I live in NYC so I had a much bigger pool of men to sift through so YMMV.

  9. OMG the lack of proper grammar on Craig's List is horrific. Is it too much to ask for a date that uses punctuation? Is it?

  10. Kim- magic 8 ball says yes, too much to ask. Now, asking for nekkid, disembodied parts to stick to casual encounters and stay out of strictly platonic, That might not be too much to ask. But then, it's craigslist...

    Rachael- Yeah, every once in a while, when I feel like torturing myself, I pop out of my local page to a "real" city. Much, much bigger pool. Higher rent, too ;)

    tiff- the idea of opportunity is nice, but the reality of it kinda sucks. I'm sure if I left the house more than twice a week, and didn't live in near BFE (right next to a military base, no less...) reality might be a bit better. Oh well.

  11. J.

    You're assuming the people posting the ads know the definition of 'platonic'.

  12. I figure they're smart enough to figure out how to type in the URL, or search for something other than pr0nzLoLololzzz! I didn't think it was that much of a stretch. Guess I thought wrong.