Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 199- Beans, Roommates, and Nightmare Food

On topic/ off topic/ on topic kinda day here today. And late, to boot!

I finally finished the black beans. I know I say finally, when it was really only a couple days, but even I get tired of stuff eventually. Even when it's super tasty like the black bean stuff is/ was. Finished off the canned tomatoes, too. Probably not the smartest move, but it works for me. Did *not* finish off the onion.

The rest of this week (and possibly part of next week) will be chickpeas. I have a whole pound, and if I can portion them out, they may even last. I'm down to probably my last pot of rice, and that I actually *am* relieved about. I don't know if better quality rice would taste better, but it surely couldn't be worse- right? So after that, it's bread products for filler. Yay, huzzah.


Not actually bad, more amusing. When you live with other people, it turns out you have to deal with their strange little quirks. Like people who wad their TP instead of folding, and can use up a 1000 sheet roll in a day and a half. I think wadders should have to buy the TP more often, but suspect I'm out-voted.

Now, computer gamers, here's my real problem. One of the roommates is a computer gamer. His computer is randomly restarting. Rather than google it like any sane geek-of-computer *anything* would, he asks me. It's been happening since the thing was first put together, he tells me. Not, probably, a virus then, right? Right... Tell him it's probably the power supply or an over-heating problem, maybe both. He should check the fan in the PS and take the side off the case for extra airflow. He doesn't know where the PS fan should be (and it's not there- I don't know who put it together, but you don't but a PS in that way... blowing hot air through the inside of the case, right across the processor- total FAIL). Of course, he doesn't know how to get the side off the case, either. If you know *nothing* about computer except how to turn them on and off, the world says you should be a console gamer. Computers need care and maintenance. Every once in a while they need to be cracked open and poked at a bit. How do you game on a computer for more than two years and not know how to get the side of the case off???!

I'm probably gonna get in trouble for both of those, BTW. Oh wells.

Nightmare Food-

So, I'm having nightmares that involve food, and also lusting after a nightmare-type food. Bad dreams first, I think.

A couple nights ago, I had this nightmare. Other veggies might recognize it as a "meatmare" but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. I was trapped in a diner, who knows where. There was *nothing* for me to eat on the menu, so I went with the least offensive thing, and omelet. A *plain* omelet. There was something else that had been fried, fries, I think, that i suspected had been fried in lard, but when the omelet came out, it was full of ham and mushrooms. There was a big (strange) bread thing too, full of the same stuff. Dream me is almost broke, and can't eat it anyway, so tries to get them to take it off the bill *and* take it away. They wouldn't, there was shouting, and I was trapped in scary meat and mushroom place for what felt like hours. I know it probably doesn't sound scary or disturbing when I write it out. It sounds like a goofy dream, I know. But it was totally disturbing at the time. And kinda now, too....

Back totally on topic! So this week, as i was wandering through yahoo, I saw one of their "eat this, not that" articles, and it had this horrible cheesey sammich thing for the photo, and I *had to know* what it was and where to get it. Turns out Denny's has a new sammich, with mozz sticks fried and then sammiched between slabs of fake cheese, and all that between slices of bread and grilled. It looked so wrong, I really want one. I'm pretty sure it's totally unreproducible using vegan ingredients. Partly because I don't want to buy and make everything from scratch, and partly because vegan cheese just *doesn't melt like that*. but ZOMG, with a side of onion rings, ranch dressing, and the red sauce it comes with? I would be in junkfood-loving-j happy afterlife place. Dunno what it costs, but it's probably out of budget. But wow, it just looks soooo junky. I know it can't possibly taste as good as I think it should/ want it too, but the huge pile of calories just looked so good--even cold on the plate.

Was there a food that you just *wanted*, no matter how unhealthy or out of your diet it was? Did you give in? Did you resist? Halp.


  1. Cravings for bad foods happens in waves. I shoo it away with a wave of my hand but it comes back with more force each time. By the time I'm using a baseball bat to try and keep the craving down, that's the breaking point and I give in. It's like I've gone rabid and tell hubby, "If I don't get tacos like, toDAY!, I'm going to be very upset. And you won't like me... when I'm upset."
    I eat just enough to appease that evil craving and not break the bank. If it's something I can't recreate at home and it's at a restaurant kind of deal, we rationalize it that we haven't had it in "X" amount of weeks/months and that the splurge is ok.
    I'd rather have splurges are on expensive healthy foods vs. unhealthy, bad food since it's relatively cheap. The dollar menu from Burger King or McD's is an evil crappy splurge that only costs us a few bucks, so we only do that once a month.
    Sometimes you just have to get the craving out of your system before it morphs into it's own personality and takes up residence in your bedroom closet :)

  2. Bah! typos. I wish there was an easier way of correcting comments other than deletion :(

  3. I got enough for more than 12 falafels out of 1lb of chickpeas.

  4. MrsQ- don't worry about typos. I don't notice them unless they're *really* bad... I get what you're saying with the give in a little to keep from going crazy thing. I don't think the craving would like my closet, though- there are bed bugs in there.

    Kim- 12 is lots of falafels. I'm gonna try for half a pound of beans in chana masala, and the other half in falafels. That just sounds good to me- it gives me some variety, and lots of noms.