Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 205- Pizza Makes j Hungry

So I made pizza twice yesterday. Pizza, it turns out, is really not filling at all.

Even tasty hummus pizza. I think it's the lack of cheese. Or maybe my hollow leg. Or possibly my totally expandable stomach. So I nommed some oatmeal.

Now, Oatmeal is still not my favorite food. It *is* filling, though. And I can make it in the microwave, which is good because we only have 2 regularly working burners on the stove.

Have I mentioned the rat-shack-ness of my house lately?

At least the roof and internet work.

I'm out of sugar still, and I haven't got my other favorite sweeteners- apple juice and apple sauce- so I used raisins. Worked out pretty well. If I weren't totally lazy, I might try making cookies with nothing but oatmeal, raisins, and cinnamon. I figure they can make raw cookies with about the same stuff, I should be able to too, right?

But anyway, j cannot live on pizza alone.


  1. i love pizza but I as well dont think I could live on Pizza Alone!

  2. Yeah, but it's so tasty. Maybe pizza and chocolate?

  3. Chocolate chip pizza :) Lou Malnatti's in Chicago had that one. Like one big doughy, chocolatey cookie.