Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 206- Pizza Om Nom Nom

RM #3 has been spending lots of time in the kitchen the last day or so. Her mom got her a bunch of kitchen toys that are all hers, and so she's been playing with them. Which means empty kitchen time is kinda limited, and I didn't find space for me until 5.

Which was, I admit, kinda late to get started on the whole food thing for the day. I hate this kitchen. I've been on boats with better planned cooking space.

So anyway, I made pizza. Since I only ended up eating once today (bad, I know) I decided that it probably wouldn't kill me to use half the pizza dough and only make 2 more pizzas, rather than the three I had planned. So I can have one more super veggie-fied pizza probably tomorrow, then it's onto all gnocchi, all the time until, probably, Wednesday.

Well, and pinto beans, and something else, but I don't know what yet.

Anyway, it was late, and I was starving, so I needed something else to bulk out the pizza. I still have some frozen peas, but those wouldn't work here, so I didn't use them. I chopped and fried a carrot instead.

Now, I know, carrot on pizza doesn't sound good. If you've ever had *roasted* carrots, though, where the outside is all browned, and they get sweet and soft, and salty- that's what these carrot pieces tasted like. I didn't decide to go for only 2 more pizzas until I was ready to shape the dough (flour is limited ATM), so I only used 1/3 a zucchini and 1/6 an onion. Which means plenty of both later.

So, pizza with carrots. Raw carrots would have been gross. Boiled not much better. But the fried carrots? With the salty yum and the sweetness? Not bad with hummus and sweet tasty onions and soft zucchini-ness. Plus, I think it probably doubled the veggies on the pie, and easily doubled the nutritional rating of the meal.

Now I just have to carve out time tomorrow when everyone is still asleep and I can have the kitchen all to myself to try it again. I'd still rather have something someone else cooked, but for something I can crank out in about an hour? Not bad.

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