Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 207- Misbehaving Blogger

Not me, the site. I don't know if anyone else is having problems with this or not, but for most of this week blogger comes up 503 about half the time. Try to comment? 503. Try to post? Same. Even checking my dashboard has been iffy.

So if you've been trying to get here and see what I've done lately, or you've tried to comment, or you actually *did* comment, and I never responded, sorry. If I ran google I'd fix it.

That's a lie. If I ran google I'd retire and have someone else cook for me, and get massages every day. But I'd tell someone to fix it before I left. Srsly.

In boring food news, I ate more pizza yesterday. I'm through with pizza for a while now. Though I admit that if a pizza I'd eat threw itself at me, I'd probably eat it. I won't be making anymore pizza for a little while. Like maybe a month.

The carrots weren't so good the second time. Pizza was still tasty, though.

This afternoon I'm supposed to visit mom and the SD for dinner and to help SD work on a project he has. It's been pushed off a couple times now, 'cause other business comes first, but hopefully it'll happen this time. I need to cook the pinto beans anyway, and get the gnocchi made, at the very least. Or, you know, one or the other.

So, yeah. Sorry if you're having trouble connecting. It's totally not just me. I think. Not sure, but I hope it's not just me.

Oh, and mom has offered to email me some shiny new Bear the Dog photos. I think food would be better, but Bear will work in a pinch. I'm still working on the camera situation. Teach me not to check stuff before I do laundry again.


  1. Tell Mom to hurry with the Bear pics. I like your blog, but I LOVE the Bear pics!

  2. I'll work on her. I got to play with Bear and pet the temporary dog today. Temporary dog is still loopy from his neuter, so good for petting, not so much for playing. Bear stood at the baby gate and cried, 'cause he's goofy like that.