Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 208- Mom Thinks I'm Starving

At least I think she does.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon with Mom and some dogs. Bear, it turns out, is strictly against most post-neutering instructions-- keep dog quiet, keep dog calm, keep dog from roughhousing, etc. Poor foster dog has *no idea* what he's getting into, dog-bed surfing with Bear.

Anyway... When I left (still need to work on the project with the SD) Mom sent me off with:
  • A couple (huge) zucchini,
  • some yellow squash,
  • a 3lb bag of onions,
  • a big tomato,
  • a plate of pasta and sauce, and
  • a bag of sugar.
'Parently, not havening sugar in the house is a huge emergency. I'm the only one in the family that doesn't drink coffee, BTW. So while not having sugar is no big deal for me, it turns out it's some kinda major staple. So I guess I don't get to invent work-arounds anymore. Raisins worked out pretty well though. It does reduce (a little) the cost barrier to making muffins, though... Maybe next week.

I'm not quite sure what was *so bad* about eating pizza every day. It had a serving or three of beans, a couple servings of bread (or 4) and about three servings of veggies. And that was without red sauce. Sounds healthy to me!

So today, if I'm motivated, I will make sweet potato gnocchi, and freeze a bunch of it. If I'm not motivated, I'll slice and season and toss and fry zucchini. And if I'm *really* not motivated, well, then it's back to oatmeal land. Yum.


  1. Have you ever made zucchini or squash ribbons? I've never done it, but the pictures look beautiful.

  2. I haven't, no. It does look pretty, but I'm thinking it's a dangerous idea with dull knives. Maybe if I had a mandolin...

    Really, though, what I've got is enough for some to get fried and nommed right away, then for me to gorge myself on oniony fried squish sammiches for a day or two. Or, you know, make a couple days worth of healthy side dish...

    So, sammiches.

  3. Yeah, every day I'm getting closer to buying a mandoline.

    That's a site you might want to bookmark, though. They post vegan recipes pretty regularly. They also posted something on making potato chips in the microwave.