Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 210- Beans and Cookies

Um... Yeah. so, the gnocchi thing didn't happen again today. I'm beginning to suspect that the sweet potatoes will just get turned into fries (yum) and eaten with whatever creamy mayo substitute I can find (get your minds out of my gutter, thank you. Not that kind of substitute).

Now, I paid the rather crazy price of 79 cents (plus tax) for a pound of dried pinto beans. I think I ended up tossing about 1/4C before they even made it into the pot. They were deformed, or pealing, or they'd split and were looking rather waxy. I think either the beans weren't totally dry when they got bagged, or the bag got wet somewhere between processing and my kitchen. I'm just not sure where. So I'm eating Mystery Beans (cue creepy music). I got them picked over, eventually, and crock potted them, and let them cook. Tossed 1/4 of the huuuuge onion (all diced small) in when they were about half done for flavor and whatnot. And salt, of course.

I had two plates-full yesterday, and I probably need to slow down, or there won't be any left. That'd be bad, because I have refried bean plans for at least some of them.

The real reason I probably won't be having gnocchi is... kinda tough to admit, actually.

I'm working with a limited amount of flour right now. Gnocchi takes an unknown amount of flour. I keep using flour for other things (like fried zucchini and cookies) and am now down to a *very* measurable amount of flour. Which is not enough to make 2lbs of gnocchi with, I don't think.

But I made half a batch of oily sugar cookie dough, with extra cinnamon and vanilla, so right now I really don't care. Maybe tomorrow.

I have, BTW, no idea how the cookie "recipe" cooks, I always seem to eat it raw.

Cookie ratio doubles each time, btw-
  • 1 water
  • 2 oil
  • 4 sugar
  • 8 flour
Then a dash of salt, a glug of vanilla, a spoon of cinnamon, another of baking powder (soda?). I leave off that last one- don't need it if you aren't cooking them.

Off topic. I was watching videos on YouTube again, Wonderwall specifically, and there was some kid complaining that he never got to see it live, 'cause he was born in '93, and almost all the live shows were like '96, 97...

And then I realized that kids born the year I started high school are starting college this year. Not all of them, but... It made me feel old. Like when someone tells me they went to a "rave", but it happened in a *real* club, legally, and I still connect the word to underground parties in abandoned BFE-type locations.

Yep, I'm feeling old today.


  1. I know what you mean about the feeling old thing. I was at work last night and there was a new kid in the department next to mine (work at a grocery store) and I looked at him and asked what grade school he went to.
    Same as mine.
    Turns out, I used to baby sit him.

  2. Welcome aboard old fogie j. Let me show ya around, I know my way pretty well in these parts!

    You know you're old when: music and cars are too loud, you grunt from the aches and pains as you get up from a chair, and you're going to the bathroom more than you thought you should.
    Oh, and when you look at something to buy and remember it used to cost half the price years ago.

    Yup. It's all downhill from being 21 years old (and I'm 35) XD

  3. Someone told me (lots of someones, actually) that 30 was the new 20... When I was 21 I was having fun in NYC, buying cute clothes and doing fun stuff. At 31 I'm a creaky lazybones who spends a lot of time wondering why everyone's dressed like a reject from the 80's...

    Not the same at all...

  4. I think you start getting used to feeling old at some point. The other day I saw a commercial on tv recreating the Thriller video. Not a single person in that commercial was actually alive when the video was originally made.

  5. It's ok. I have the benefit of not *looking* old. So when I start feeling like I might be, I go out in my ratty working-at-home clothes and buy a lotto ticket.

    Somehow getting carded for something you need to be 18 to buy fixes everything.

    Also, I now get why my parents were always so excited by this when I was little.