Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 211- Snaxing

I'm sure that, out there somewhere, there are single women who cook and eat like normal people. Real meals at regular times, on real plates at a table. More than one item at a time, and drinks to match.

I have *never* met one of those women. I know single women who swap cooking with roommates and eat closer to real people once a day. I know single women who live off take-away. I've met *lots* of single women who eat (almost exclusively) yoghurt, ice cream, snazzy frozen pizza, microwave popcorn, and the odd tub of rainbow chip frosting.

I used to have a lot more in common with those women- the ice cream ones, anyway. Every once in a while I'd make some kind of real food, then eat it all. I'd share some with the roommate, sometimes. Mainly, though, when I cooked (maybe once a week) I ate it myself. The rest of the time it was chips and dip and beans and chips, and pasta and jarred sauce. Oh, and ice cream, sorbet, and the odd vat of tea.

Now, with the cooking/ budget thing... Not so much.

Yesterday, though, I found myself snacking. Normally I do one big meal. I used to eat half and then reheat (or not) the other half and eat it later. Now I just nom the whole thing in one go. Not yesterday. Yesterday I finished the cookie dough. Then a while later I got some beans (with tomato, yum), then a bit later some more beans. Not long before I finally went to bed, I sacrificed a sweet potato for lazy fries. They were yummy, but without a vat of oil to fry them in, really not fries- more like flops.

Snacking is better, I'm sure- spreading the food out over the course of the day keeps blood sugar more level, doesn't overwhelm the digestive tract, and lets you eat more, if you really want to. I feel full, but not like some kind of human tick, which is kinda nice.

Problem with snacking for food is that I have to cook everything. If it's not in the fridge, ready to go, I can't snack on it. I'd have to really cook- like the "fries"- and I lose interest. But it was fun for the day.

I miss rainbow chip frosting. It's one of the few things I've no idea how to fake into vegan-ness.

Funny thing about the loafing/ snacking thing- I have no problem eating at a table by myself in a restaurant. At home though? I like lounging around. Makes me feel like some kind of feasting roman-type. I admit, I do sit up to eat, though- using a fork or chopsticks while lounging on my side is beyond my abilities.

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