Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 217- Food/ Fuel

Through careful snacking management I was able to actually eat something yesterday. Not enough, but better than 2 rolls. I think.

Basically, I ate a couple chips an hour until they were gone. Around bedtime I realized I hadn't tried to eat anything else, so I made some noodles. (I still have noodles, crazy, right? And now I have soy sauce for them, too...) Sliced up a couple cabbage leaves and some onion and fried them while the noodles cooked. Tossed it all together with oil, salt, soy sauce, and some sweet chili sauce.

Over 3 hours I managed to choke down about 2/3rds of it.

My stomach seems willing to deal with around 1/4C of food every other hour. More than that is tough, and really unpleasant- like trying to drink glue. I'm not having too many problems with liquids, so at least I'm well caffeinated?

At least I had some kinda hungry feeling yesterday. It didn't last long, and the amount I was able to eat wouldn't make it feel better anyway, but at least I felt it. I might actually be adjusting to the damned crap. Or else my body's just decided to hate me.

Meanwhile, I think I have the beginnings of a plan for dealing with the whole "don't feel like eating, food makes me want to puke" thing. I'll try and have high calorie, low bulk food around. It means cooking, of course, but if I can keep stuff going into my guts, eventually it might kick-start my appetite.

I tell ya, though, this'd be a great diet. If I needed a diet, that is.

Oh, yeah, and taking the druggies with food didn't help with nausea, it just gave my stomach something to bat around. Santa is *so* bringing me a new body for my birthday.


  1. This is a morbid kind of thought but I tend to lose a bit of weight when there's something wrong with the ol' system. Last time I lost weight I needed my gallbladder removed. My appetite was completley overhauled for the better. Dropped a few more pounds when I had acid reflux temporarily. Sickness, though sucky, can be a great way to lose weight (I'd like to see them market that strategy!) lol.

  2. I dunno, they used to sell intestinal parasites as weight-loss pills...

    This is just the pills, but I remember dropping about 10 lbs with pneumonia. I really don't recommend that one.

  3. Hmm. Intestinal parasites? Figures! Evil marketing ploys!