Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 218- The Food Goes In

I think the biggest major negative point about not really getting much down over the last couple days is now that I *can* get something in my stomach, I can feel where it all is.

Wait, let me back up a bit. So yesterday I told you about the noodles with veggies. I think I forgot to tell you guys about the diced sushi ginger I tossed in with the veg, though. I know ginger doesn't work for everyone, but it usually does a pretty good job of settling my stomach. Yesterdays noodles were a good example of that. I got them down and they stayed.

Then in the morning, I went and spent most of the day with Mom, Bear, and Temporary Dog (different one this time).

Mom, being a mom, fed me. I managed I think about 1/2 C of black beans and Spanish rice (combined, not each). Took about an hour to eat it, of course, but I ate it. Later (between TD showing off his 1 and only trick--give paw-- and being body slammed by Bear) Mom snacked me into a small bowl of salad and some more rice.

You know when you're eating ice cream, and you chew it, because it's just solid enough to need it, then you think about what you're doing and kinda gag a bit? Yeah, that's eating for me right now. So long as I don't think about it or do do much of it, I can manage.

Which is good, because it means I'll be able to eat (sort of) and bad because I don't know a whole lot of high calorie, healthy, low bulk veggie-type foods. Um, other than maybe avocados, actually, I don't think I know of any...

With my tetchy stomach, I can feel exactly where the food is, and it's kinda distracting. If there's more than a little there the ginger doesn't stop the nausea. So small (very small) bits of food at a time. As many calories each as possible. As often as I can manage without over doing it.

So if things show up this week that shouldn't (by budget) be there--like the chips I've been snacking on overnight--please just ignore them. I'm adjusting to the medicine, but it's taking a bit of time. At least I've figured out how to deal with (most of) the nausea- gingered "dinner" followed by pills. Magic-ness.

And if being on this stuff means I have to eat more but smaller meals... Isn't that what everyone was lobbying for anyway?

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