Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 220- Fried Rice of Doom

And a shiny new season of Biggest Loser (Hell's Kitchen, too...). Oh, the sick things I enjoy. Makes me miss ice cream. Er, coconut milk ice cream substitute? w/e

So the fried rice.

I cooked up my pretty standard fried rice recipe, and then I changed some stuff. If this was the only thing (or almost the only thing) I ate yesterday, it needed to have more range, nutritionally. So I added TVP (protein stuff), chopped sweet potato (for the yummy iron and whatnot), and chopped up sushi ginger (for stomach happy-ing properties) to the pan of rice.

When I served it I added some sweet chili sauce to the plate, and dipped the tines in it before scooping up the rice. I know it's a tricky dieter trick used for salad dressing and stuff, but I used it to try and keep from over spicing the rice. Just pouring it over top would have been too much, KWIM?

So the first time, right after I made it, I dished up about 3/4C of fried rice and ate it with a T of sauce. Then I took a nap. When I woke up I had another plate worth, about a cup and a half worth this time, with more sauce. An hour after I finished that (with my stomach not totally clear on the whole "this is good/ bad" thing) I dished up about another cup-full and nommed it slowly.

I think it's fair to say I'm full now. The hungry was nice, and the eating was too, but wow that was a lot of food. I'll have to spread it out more today. When I nommed it, my throat tightened up with each bite. It's kinda freaky. I think it's because I'm nervous about my stomach getting unhappy with the stuff I'm putting in it, and that's what's making it tough to swallow.


But it was yummy.

And I have a pile of it left, like a full half-wok-worth.

Oh, yeah- i'll try to get the spreadsheet updated today, but no promises. :)


  1. I'm watching Biggest Loser this season. I've never watched it before. Probably because I haven't had cable for the last seven years... Anyway, I can watch it on NBC.

    I'm glad your stomach seems to be acting a little better. Mine revolts from time to time, I know how it feels.

  2. Yeah, I watch it on the computer (like I do everything else), so the strange ways of antenna TV are avoided.

    I think my stomach took the no drug stuff in school more seriously than I did- it throws a fit with just about anything. Oh well, at least it's better than the angry-cat-ripping-apart-my stomach-with-an-ax-feeling I get from pain pills.

  3. I can't watch Hell's Kitchen anymore, I get so pissed at the host and wish the contestants can yell right back at him (that was the first season, I'm assuming that he's still an arse).

    Is your ailing stomach due to the meds or has it always been tempermental? I know I'm at the mercy of it all the time, and am stubbornly learning what I can and can't eat without repercussions :(

  4. This is the meds. Every once in a while my tummy'll stage a revolution for no reason, but usually it's medicine that causes it. Well, and dairy, mushrooms, and bell peppers, but those are easy-ish to avoid.

    Still the same guy on hell's kitchen. I enjoy watching them manipulate the contestants. Sick but fun.