Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 219- I Had A Hungry!

Whew! I don't know about you guys, but I was starting to get worried there for a while. Normal j.-style hungry is a huge, world ending kinda thing. This wasn't that good, but it was a hungry.

I once managed to spend $200 on street food in Manhattan over a weekend. I ate it all, too.

Yesterday's hungry wasn't epic like that, but it was a hungry.

So first, over the course of most of the day, I finished the bag of chips I picked up reeeaaaallllyyyyy early yesterday morning (the bars were still open, I think...). Then, around dinner time, I realized that I felt hungry. It was kinda cool, actually.

I knew I wasn't interested in fried rice, and the spring rolls (which are tempting even if only as a sweet chili sauce delivery vehicle) would take too long. So I made a kinda strange onion/ curry pancake thing. Maybe a cup of food in the whole thing, it was the size of a decent 3 egg omelet. Just fried onions with a flour/ water/ curry/ salt mix poured over them, fried in the wok until it was cooked through.

Then I ate the whole thing. Took about 45 minutes. Wasn't super healthy. Probably not the best option.

But I ate it. Yayz.

Now I need to get those rolls cooked, so I can build my guts back up. All that tasty sweet chili sauce, and right now I'd be limited to maybe a tablespoon at a time. Can't have that!

Unfortunately, I was finished with my mutant pancake-thing by 9:45 last night, and the hungry hasn't come back yet. Hope it hasn't run away again. Unlike Bear, I doubt I can get it back by driving around with an open car door and box of Biljac treats.


  1. Being hungry is good. I get hungry (rarely), and it's usually a mixed blessing; at least I know my body isn't just a food sinkhole that doesn't care whether it has enough to move or whether it can go for weeks with what it already has.

    Maybe lure 'the hungry' with the rolls? Do them before you are hungry, and if you don't get hungry while making them, at least they will be done and handy for when it decides to return.

    The pancakes sound very, err, interesting. Any photos? I'd love to see how they look/ed.

  2. Sadly, still no photos. I'm working on it, but food/ rent/ gas come first. It was basically a bad, pancake-shaped take on onion bhaji.

    Luring the hungry in... now that's a good idea. The rolls take a while to make (like 2 or 3 hours, since I have to make the wrappers too), but they freeze and reheat well. If I don't get to them today, I'll try and work them in tomorrow.