Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 230- Planning a Shopping Trip

I know I'm still behind a bit on updating the spreadsheet (oops), but I know how long it's been since I've spent anything, and how much I spent, so I have a pretty good idea how much I have to go crazy with.

$17.50 Give or take 20 cents.

I has a Rich!

Ideally $7 of that goes to being a good little girl and buying a week worth of "healthy" food. In this case, a bag of black beans, 5 lbs of flour, a can of enchilada sauce, a couple sweet potatoes, and some black olives (mmm, black olives). If I still had the whole $21, I'd toss a vat of vegan sour cream on there too, that stuff's good.

With the rest of the money I *really really really* want a couple bags of those meatball things and a jar of sauce. I'd like to stretch to bread I didn't cook myself, but it's only been two weeks since I bought anything, and it'd take at least a full 4 week budget before I could add my dreamy stuff to the list.

Dreamy stuff, of course, meaning sour "cream", bread someone else cooked, and a bag of "cheese". Which all go on the menu if I mathed wrong.

Otherwise, I'm looking at a couple days of tasty "meatball" subs, a couple days of tasty enchiladas, and a couple days of tasty fake chimi-type things (I heart the pasta machine for this). If I'm super goofy and pick up more sweet potatoes than I probably should, I might make the tasty gnocchi again. Om nom nom.

I'm actually willing to put myself half a week in "debt" to get the sour cream. Guess it's gonna depend on what things look like when I get to the store, huh?

Yesterday I nommed more fried rice (just a little left), with plenty of tasty sweet chili sauce. I heart sweet chili sauce. It's time for a change, though. I've spent too many meals lately in my home-made chinese take-away. Time for homemade Italian take-away and homemade cheap Mexican place.

Variety's important, right?