Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 231- EarthFare Is Expensive!

So I did *some* shopping yesterday. I picked the wrong "health" food store to do it- as decided by my budget, anyway. From a quasi-local, company I'd like to support kinda way I picked the right store.

The big problem with going to EarthFare is that the prices are a bit higher (on what i bought, anyway) than at Whole Foods. So rather than the price I saw at WF about 2 weeks ago of less than $4 a bag for the tasty meatball things, I spent $4.99 + tax per bag. Then I was naughty and picked up a vat of tasty vegan sour cream for $2.99 + tax.

So it was like a $13 trip- $13.16, to be exact.

Which puts me over what I was going to spend on my tasty splurgyness. Om nom nom.

Then I hit Publix (for super on sale soda) and picked up one of the jars of tasty good pasta sauce with wine already in it for like $2.90

So I've already spent most of the money for the week- and the last two weeks, too.

I still need to get (at least) a bag of black beans ($2), a bag of flour ($1.50), and a sweet potato ($0.79/lb, I think) to cover the rest of the week with some kind of healthyness. So I'm probably going to dip into next week's funds a bit- like $3 worth- to get me through.

Good news is, most of that stuff- the beans, the flour, maybe even the potato- should last through next week, too. I can do the fried chimi-things this week, and pick up enchilada fixings for next week (making tortillas to save $'s) and be back on track.

Yesterday for eating I nommed-

  • about 2 cups of fried rice with a big pile sweet chili sauce (nummy)
  • Foot-long + "meatball" sub made of 1/2 bag Nate's zesty meatballs, 1/4 jar sauce, 3T oil, 1/4 onion, 1.25C of flour batch of bread.
The sub was seriously stuffing me. I probably should have broken it into two meals, but by the time the bread was done, I thought I was hungry enough to eat it all. I actually ate the last inch when I woke up (at insane early hour) this morning. Wish I had photos, they look seriously "meaty". To the point that RM#1 was more than a little confused by the leftover meatballs and sauce.

I'm not doing a breakdown on this meal, BTW. It's just too spendy. If I made my own "meatballs" and sauce, I'm sure the price would come down somewhat, but so would my enjoyment. Plus, I've been craving this stuff for about 8 months now. And is it ever good.

Bwa ha ha ha?

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  1. Haha. Good that your splurgy adventure worked out. I miss the photos. The finances don't look awfully bad either.