Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 235- Bear, the TD, and More Meatball Sub

This is Barkley, also known as the Temporary Dog. He's cute. He likes to get petted. He's 3, just like Bear the Super Ham. Not so hammy, though.

He's super sweet, pretty calm, and as long as you don't mind his (very determined) give-paw habit, a totally perfect quiet, strange golden. Srsly- I've never met such a young one that wasn't still crazy. The most laid back golden ever. As of today I think he's even still available.

And here, for the Bear lovers, is Bear the Dog. In the Bathtub. The bathroom door has to be kept shut, 'cause Bear, in goofy golden-type way, loves to be wet. He is the only dog I've ever met, though, that *lurves* bath time. So if the bathroom door is open (and the TP is out of reach, the trash can free of cotton swabs, and the shower curtain out of the way) he will climb in the tub and just *stay there* until you realize he wants a bath.

Like, you'd wander Mom's whole (admittedly small) house, looking for this 60lb dog that normally takes up more than his body size in space. And he just wouldn't be anywhere. You'd check the backyard ('cause he can let himself out through the screen door), and not find him. Then you'd check the bathroom, just in case, and he'd be sitting in the tub, waiting.

Bear's a strange dog. A strange, strange dog.

Food-wise, I am now through with all the "meatball" sub-stuff. Guess I'll have to do some "real" cooking again. Oh wells.

In the meantime, I have to turn my ratty jeans into ratty shorts, start the laundry, and get ready for a kinda busy j-day. Woot?


  1. My wkend is off to a great start: Bear pic! The temp dog is cute and sure hope he finds a good home, but Bear is a real scene stealer. A dog who loves to get a bath--truly weird. Have a great wkend and thanks for the Bear pic. Made my day! (Kinda shows what a life I have, huh?)

  2. Lol. Good thing no one knows where Bear lives, he might get dog-napped.